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This article is about the third age mage named Zuriel. For the equipment owned by Zuriel, see Zuriel's equipment.
Zuriel's equipment equipped

A player wearing Zuriel's equipment

Zuriel was a mage that lived in the Third Age. He was one of the Ancient Warriors and was capable of casting the strongest spells known so far on RuneScape, Miasmic spells. Players can obtain his robes and staff by killing revenants or the chaos elemental. There are two versions, the Corrupt set, which requires 20 Magic and 20 Defence in order to wear, and lasts fifteen minutes regardless of if it was used in combat or not, as well as the normal set, which lasts one hour of combat, and require 78 Magic and Defence in order to wear.

The Miasmic spells were the strongest spells on the Ancient Spellbook, which made them the strongest combat spells in RuneScape. They were very useful for Mages since they halved the speed of their opponent's Melee and Ranged attacks. To cast these spells, players needed to be wielding Zuriel's staff which behaves exactly the same as the robes, except that the Defence requirement is instead an Attack requirement.


  • Zuriel means "my rock is God" in Hebrew.

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