For the outfit from New Varrock, see Zombie outfit (New Varrock).
Zombie outfit equipped

The Zombie outfit was a possible reward from the Gravedigger random event, consisting of the Zombie mask, the Zombie shirt, the Zombie trousers, the Zombie boots, and the Zombie gloves. It was received by opening the Random event gift from the Gravedigger event and choosing the "Save up for an outfit!" option to obtain a costume point. By talking to Iffie at Thessalia's Fine Clothes, the costume point could be used to obtain a piece of the costume. One would have to earn five points to buy all five parts of the costume, and one could not have more than five points towards a Zombie outfit piece at any given time. Upon completion of the random event, you could also choose to receive a zombie emote (either the Zombie walk or the Zombie dance). The set can be stored in a Costume box in a Player-owned house.

After an update, all 5 pieces of the Zombie outfit can now be purchased for a total of 5,000 coins from Iffie's Random Costume Shop, located in Thessalia's Fine Clothes store in Varrock. They give no stat bonuses. Once you buy all 5 pieces of the Zombie outfit from Iffie, you will also unlock the Zombie walk and Zombie dance emotes.