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Zombie impling jar detail

The Zombie impling jar is the result of successfully catching a Zombie impling in Impetuous Impulses.

If a player catches an impling without an empty impling jar, they would automatically receive the loot instead.

As can be done with all Impling jars, the Zombie impling jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for three empty impling jars. This is not recommended, as Zombie impling jars are worth considerably more than three empty jars.

Selling this jar on the Grand Exchange will make a profit of 22,363. Trading this jar to Elnock for 3 empty jars and selling the empty jars on the Grand Exchange will give a profit of -21,797.

If a player attempts to cast analyse or disassemble on this item, they will get the message You monster! You can't disassemble a living thing.


Looting a Zombie impling jar can result in getting any of these items:

Item Price Profit (if buying then looting jars)[1][2]
Curved bone 2,000 if sold to Barlak -20,646
Long bone 1,000 if sold to Barlak -21,646
5-15 Big bones 1,730 to 5,190 -20,916 to -17,456
2-6 Baby dragon bones 1,528 to 4,584 -21,118 to -18,062
3 Dragon bones 5,751 -16,895
3 Wyvern bones 9,339 -13,307
3 Fayrg bones 16,947 -5,699
2 Raurg bones 106,276 83,630
Ourg bones 10,992 -11,654
1 Monkey skull This item is nontradeable, but impossible to obtain otherwise. -22,646

Results from opening 7,000 jars

Item Amount received
Curved bone 241
Long bone 215
Big bones 23282
Baby dragon bones 13854
Dragon bones 720
Wyvern bones 741
Fayrg bones 222
Raurg bones 160
Ourg bones 84
Monkey skull[3] 2
  1. ^ Ignores selling Impling jars.
  2. ^ Negative numbers represent a loss.
  3. ^ Extremely rare, Odds say 1-2k average while some people have taken over 7000 jars.

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