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For zombies in general, see Zombie.
Hatchet head (dragon)
Zombie (random event) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Zombie is a discontinued Random Event which was discontinued on 25 February 2009. Before that, when any player buried bones, there was a risk of spawning an aggressive Zombie. As with similar guardian Random Events, the combat level of a zombie varied according to the combat level of the player.

Zombies were somewhat rare, as players rarely buried bones in high enough quantities to activate this random event. Also, Prayer had two other random events that could occur while training it: Shades and Leo the Gravedigger. Zombies would not appear if training Prayer via the Ectofuntus or a POH Altar. When a Zombie appeared, it would yell, "Braaaainssss!". Once dead then it would usually drop a variety of bones.


  • Chaos Runes (35)
  • Dragon bones (1) big bones (1)
  • Dragon bones (3), big bones (10), bones (9)
  • 6 big bones, 3 bones
  • 4 big bones
  • Fishing Bait (27,50)
  • Coins

A player kills a Zombie (random event) in 2004.

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