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Zombies are monsters that can be found randomly on Uncharted Isles, alongside armoured versions. They may be killed for combat experience and chimes. While not aggressive, they are accurate and can hit hard if players are unprepared for combat. The zombies are usually found in large groups making it very dangerous to use area-of-effect attacks or abilities against them.

Attacking the zombies will scale their life points and combative abilities to the player's own combat level.

The zombies will always be found near an overturned cauldron with potions laying about; this acts as their respawn point.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Chimes 1Chimes1–4AlwaysNot sold
BonesBones1–2 (noted)Common263–526
Adamant hatchetAdamant hatchet1Common2,588
Mithril hatchetMithril hatchet1Common1,145
Steel hatchetSteel hatchet(noted)Common569
Iron hatchetIron hatchet(noted)Common389
Iron arrow 5Iron arrow10–25Common120–300
Keg of beerKeg of beer1Common2,433
Fishing rodFishing rod(noted)Uncommon456
Amulet of magicAmulet of magic1Uncommon1,293

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