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Zombie (Dimension of the Damned) only appears during Dimension of the Damned and cannot be found in the main version of RuneScape.
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Zombies are undead beings that make up the majority of the monsters encountered in Dimension of the Damned. They occasionally spawn out of the ground when players are nearby, with more players resulting in more frequent spawns. When a horde is active, large groups of zombies will spawn which can be dangerous for players who are unprepared.


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Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Biohazard cannisterBiohazard cannister1CommonNot sold
Crystalised zombie bloodCrystalised zombie blood1CommonNot sold
Fortified logsFortified logs1CommonNot sold
Modified shrimpsModified shrimps1CommonNot sold
Bronze full helmBronze full helm1UncommonNot sold
Bronze platebodyBronze platebody1UncommonNot sold
Bronze gauntletsBronze gauntlets1UncommonNot sold
Bronze platelegsBronze platelegs1UncommonNot sold
Bronze bootsBronze boots1UncommonNot sold
Bronze kiteshieldBronze kiteshield1UncommonNot sold
Bronze swordBronze sword1UncommonNot sold
Bronze maceBronze mace1UncommonNot sold
Off-hand bronze maceOff-hand bronze mace1UncommonNot sold
Bronze 2h swordBronze 2h sword1UncommonNot sold
Bronze arrow 5Bronze arrow25UncommonNot sold
Iron full helmIron full helm1UncommonNot sold
Iron platebodyIron platebody1UncommonNot sold
Iron gauntletsIron gauntlets1UncommonNot sold
Iron platelegsIron platelegs1UncommonNot sold
Iron bootsIron boots1UncommonNot sold
Iron kiteshieldIron kiteshield1UncommonNot sold
Iron battleaxeIron battleaxe1UncommonNot sold
Off-hand iron battleaxeOff-hand iron battleaxe1UncommonNot sold
Iron swordIron sword1UncommonNot sold
Iron arrow 5Iron arrow25UncommonNot sold
Oak shortbowOak shortbow1UncommonNot sold
Oak shieldbowOak shieldbow1UncommonNot sold
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