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Zimberfizz ashes
Zimberfizz ashes
Release date 15 February 2016 (Update)
Race Impious ashes
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Soul Wars
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Once an imp, now ashes.
Zimberfizz ashes location

Zimberfizz ashes is the replacement for Zimberfizz in the Soul Wars lobby during the events of the Nomad's Elegy quest. Afterwards, it will serve as its replacement if the player decides that Zanik should instead remain dead and not be brought back to life to guard the Soul Wars obelisk. Icthlarin had initially offered Zanik the opportunity to replace Zimberfizz - who dies fairly early on in the quest - at Soul Wars. The pile of ashes serves many of the same functions as the living Zimberfizz, and before him, Nomad, in the Soul Wars arena lobby area. However, the dialogue for the pile of ashes is different from that of Zanik, Zimberfizz, and Nomad.