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For the pet, see Fimberzizz.
StandardIn combatFreed
Release date 10 February 2009 (Update)
Race Imp
Members Yes
Quest NPC Nomad's Requiem
Location Soul Wars
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Nomad's unfortunate minion.
Zimberfizz location
Zimberfizz chathead
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Zimberfizz (freed)
Release date 11 January 2010 (Update)
Race Imp
Members Yes
Quest NPC Nomad's Requiem Nomad's Elegy
Location Soul Wars
Sells items Red cape & Blue cape
Gender Male
Examine Minion no more!
Dressed up for the occasion.
Zimberfizz location
Zimberfizz (freed) chathead

Zimberfizz was the imp minion of Nomad. He used to be found in the Soul Wars lobby and appears during the tutorial. He is also the starting point for the Grandmaster Quest, Nomad's Requiem. You can exchange Zeal points with Zimberfizz.

The player must kill him twice in the Soul Wars tutorial. He will hit very fast zeros on the player, and he has 100 Life Points. He will drop one soul fragment when killed. He is then teleported back into existence by Nomad.

Killing Zimberfizz

A player killing Zimberfizz.

During the tutorial, after the player has been killed by Nomad, they can return to the soul obelisk and have a conversation with Zimberfizz. It is revealed that Nomad has a high Hunter level (at least 71) as he had caught Zimberfizz via magic box. Nomad also actually built the soul obelisk, as Zimberfizz states that he had to carry the materials to the site. It is also revealed that Nomad "certainly knows his way around slayer monsters, too".

After Nomad's Requiem, Zimberfizz acts as a replacement for Nomad, as well as adopting a new appearance, with a Top hat.

Zimberfizz is killed during investigation of Nomad's throne room at the beginning of Nomad's Elegy, and may be replaced by either Zanik or Zimberfizz ashes, depending upon player choice during the quest, upon completion of the quest.

Postbag from the HedgeEdit

In the Chaos Elemental's 13th letter, in Postbag from the Hedge 41, there is a paper which has "Hardens South" written on it. That is an anagram for "Use Shorthand" and the text appears to be written in Teeline Shorthand. The translation is "Uv b wd abt Sl Ws. Nmd is tb frd." Transcribed it says, "You've been warned about Soul Wars. Nomad is to be feared." This makes sense since in the included postbag, we are told that Nomad knows where the souls go and Zimberfizz says "I can see it on his mug." Along with the other clues, it seems that Nomad could be eating the souls or storing them for his evil scheme. The cryptic note in the suitcase confirms this.


Zimberfizz christmas

Zimberfizz at the wizards' banquet.

  • Before the release of Nomad's Requiem, Nomad would kill Zimberfizz every five seconds or so. Zimberfizz would reappear moments later, saying something like "I hate it when he does that!". Zimberfizz could also be attacked by players.
  • Zimberfizz could be found at the 2011 Christmas event after you completed it. He mentions that he is on business.

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