Zenn icon
Release date 7 July 2014 (Update)
Members No
Race Panda
Source Solomon's General Store
Interface Yes
Category Companion
Food None
Colour variations 16
Examine A black and white, bamboo-eating fuzzball.
Zenn Solomon icon

Zenn[1], or as he was known during development, Wise Panda Sprout, is a pet in the Solomon's General Store. It won over others in the Design a Pet competition hosted by Solomon himself.

Zenn emote

Zenn performing its emote.

Zenn, the panda Sage was one of over 700 entries to the competition and was designed by a player known as Zhiry. The pet's features include a cloud upon which he floats and a stick of bamboo which he carries around with himself on the cloud. It also has an interactive emote in which the pet begins to doze off to sleep before waking up again with a fright as the player screams at him.

The pet can be purchased for Solomon's General Store for a price of 80,000 Loyalty Points.


  1. ^ Pin by RuneScape on Pinterest. "Zenn, the Wise Panda, the winner of our Design a Pet competition". RuneScape.*

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