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Zebub chathead

Zebub was a Tsutsaroth demon commander who fought for Zamorak during the early God Wars. Zebub is mentioned in the FunOrb strategy game Armies of Gielinor, the lore Twice Burnt, and Zemouregal's memory.

In Armies of Gielinor, players must fight Zebub and a number of other Zamorakians on Entrana as part of the Saradomin Strikes campaign's first level, Deus Ex.

Zebub was present during Zamorak's attempt to usurp Zaros, as shown in Kharshai's memory of the event. He was angry about having been pulled from the front lines, and denied any knowledge of a ballet dedicated to his destruction of the city of Onkhara, though he warmed to it when Kharshai suggested that Zamorak liked it. The ballet itself is described briefly in the lore Twice Burnt.


  • Zebub's name may be a reference to Beelzebub.

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