Zarosian Memories
Default achievement icon
Deposit Zarosian memoriam crystals, then search the Sanctum alcove.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Completionist
RuneScore Runescore 20
Requirements Fate of the Gods

Zarosian Memories is an achievement that requires the player to find all twelve of Zaros' memoriam crystals on Freneskae after Fate of the Gods.

Memoriam crystal Story
Memoriam crystal z01 Origins: Creator
Memoriam crystal z02 Origins: Companion
Memoriam crystal z03 Origins: Control
Memoriam crystal z04 Origins: Departure
Memoriam crystal z05 Discovery: Language
Memoriam crystal z06 Discovery: Society
Memoriam crystal z07 Discovery: Diversity
Memoriam crystal z08 Discovery: Obedience
Memoriam crystal z09 Amor Fati: Eris Quod Sum
Memoriam crystal z10 Amor Fati: Sub Rosa
Memoriam crystal z11 Amor Fati: Tabula Rasa
Memoriam crystal z12 Amor Fati: Deus Ex

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