Grim reaper hood chathead
Zaros Morion was discontinued after an update, but can still be activated if owned.
Zaros Morion
Release date 1 October 2015 (Update)
Members No
Slot Head
Recolourable No
This cosmetic will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.
Zaros Morion chathead

The Zaros Morion is a cosmetic override worn in the head slot. It was obtainable by buying a God cap for $34.99 from the RuneScape merchandise store between 14 August 2015 and 10 September 2015, and redeeming a code with Diango.

The most popular God cap bought during that time was Zaros, and thus made into the cosmetic override. It resembles the Helm of Zaros with the face cutoff.

Country Price
UK £24.99
EU €34.99
USA $34.99
Canada $34.99
Global $34.99