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This article is about the item obtained from monster drops. For the Treasure Trail reward, see Vestment robes.
Zamorak robes equipped

Zamorak robes are a members-only set of red robes that are dropped by Disciples of Iban (who can be fought during and after the quest Underground Pass) and on rare occasions by Necromancers and Zamorak wizards. Each half, the Zamorak robe (top) and Zamorak robe (bottom), can be worn independently of the other.

If a player attempts to take these items into the Saradomin waiting room of Castle Wars, he/she will be turned into a hare. If they enter the Guthix portal, the player will be turned into a sheep.

These robes were often worn by law rune crafters on Entrana, even though Entrana is a Saradomin-worshipping island. However, after an unannounced update, the monks no longer permit these robes on the island.

Some people mistakenly believe that it is possible to take the Wine of Zamorak bare-handed (without fighting the monks or taking damage) when wearing these, but this is not true.

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