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Yule log (2009 Christmas event) only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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Yule log (2009 Christmas event) detail

The Yule log is a food item that has been in game for brief periods of time during winter holiday events.

2009 Christmas EventEdit

A Yule log could be taken from the long tables upon completion of the 2009 Christmas Event, after the food was returned from Ebenezer Scourge. If players left the Land of Snow, it disappeared. It healed one life point when eaten, which was equal to 10 life points.

2012 Christmas EventEdit

After completing the 2012 Christmas event, there was a chance of receiving a Yule log upon opening the Gift of Giving. This time it healed 200 constitution points. It was also obtainable during the event by catching a Snow impling.