Release date 13 May 2013 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Lumbridge Swamps
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine The Guardian of the Nexus
Ysondria location
Ysondria chathead

Ysondria is a druidess and guardian of The Nexus, who fights "The Grotesque" with faith. She began doing this after her mentor, Augrum, died. She explains that The Nexus is what created the swamp, as well as being the reason behind the Wall beasts within the dungeons below. According to her, it had been around for years, but has only recently emerged at a nexus.

She can appear on treasure trail clues and she will give a challenge scroll with the question "how many ore rocks are there in the nearby copper and tin mine?". The correct answer is 10 rocks.