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Classic Runestone
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Yew shieldbow (u) detail

A Yew shieldbow (u) is cut from Yew logs at 70 Fletching, granting 75 experience. An unstrung yew shieldbow can be strung using a bowstring at 70 Fletching, granting an additional 75 experience thus making a yew shieldbow.

Unstrung yew shieldbows are commonly used to train magic using high level alchemy because it is profitable. The profit made is 185 per alchemy. Many players who fletch yew shieldbows do not sell them unstrung, as this reduces gain, so it is more commonly alched as a complete bow.

Buying unstrung yew shieldbows is getting common among players as stringing yew shieldbows with bowstring can gain about -34 coins per bow and the experience gained per hour is more than fletching yew logs. Due to the drop in price in unstrung yew shieldbows, the profit gained from stringing is getting better.


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  • With the release of Invention, players discovered that unstrung maple, yew, and magic shieldbows would disassemble to give much more experience than intended. As a result of this bug, the street price of unstrung bows were going for over 3,000 coins each.

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