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Release date 28 February 2012 (Update)
Removal date 4 February 2014 (Update)
Also known as Dimwit
Combat level 10
Race Goblin
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Unknown
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Examine N/A
Notable features Former host of the Squeal of Fortune
Yelps detail

Yelps, true name Dimwit,[1] is a cheerful and wealthy 35-year-old goblin businessman who ran the Squeal of Fortune, a special wheel that rewarded adventurers with prizes every day.[2]


Early historyEdit

Goblin Village
Goblin Village, where Yelps grew up.

Dimwit was born in year 134 or 133 of the Fifth Age to two unknown goblin parents. He grew up in the Goblin Village, an Asgarnian village of goblins found to the north of Falador.

At some point during Dimwit's childhood, an accident occurred that resulted in him hitting his head, causing him to fall down some stairs and bite his tongue, causing him to scream in pain loudly, which earnt him the name Yelps. Tired of his screaming, the leaders of the village tied Yelps to a spinning wheel and played games with him, and from then on Yelps became the butt of many jokes around the village. This is also presumably the root of his obsession with spinning wheels.

Establishing the Squeal of FortuneEdit

Squeal of Fortune
Yelps spinning the Squeal of Fortune.

Nothing is known of Yelps activities after his childhood, but in year 169 of the Fifth Age, he opened up the Squeal of Fortune, a special wheel that rewards items out to those who spin it, by causing a giant boxing glove to punch him in the face. He allowed adventurers up to two spins on his wheel a day, with a promise of winning something every time. A few months after the Squeal was established, Yelps started rewarding adventurers two extra spins for every time they complete a quest.

Later that year, in a massive update to his Squeal, Yelps started rewarding adventurers for skilling by giving them free spin tickets for use on his Squeal. Meanwhile, various monsters had somehow got a hold of some tickets, and Yelps was happy to reward adventurers who retrieved them by allowing them to use the ticket for an extra spin. Yelps also started rewarding those who aided the PBJ, leprechauns, Balthazar Beauregard and the Burthorpe Imperial Guard in the activities they host.

At the same time, Yelps started selling spins in various packages, seemingly having turned his squeal into a profitable venture.

Continued successEdit

Mieliki Tapio
Mieliki Tapio, one of Yelps' gnomish critics.

The Squeal of Fortune proved a massive success. News of his success had even reached the gnomes of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, although the gnomes seemed to be less impressed with him, with the gnome alchemist Mieliki Tapio referring to him as "a stupid goblin that gives you things for free"[3]. Around this time, Yelps upgraded the Squeal, replacing the boxing glove with a sharp arrow.

Yelps also started rewarding those who aided the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe, giving adventurers a free spin to those that helped the Imperial Guard stock their supplies by completing various challenges for Captain Haskell. After the dawn of the Sixth Age, Yelps started accepting Bonds, handing out 8 spins for every bond redeemed. Additionally, he began distributing magic notepaper as prizes, thus becoming a rival to RuneScape Certifications LLP, who previously held the monopoly of certing.

Shutting down the SquealEdit

Soon after the end of battle between Armadyl and Bandos, the Squeal of Fortune was forcefully shut down due to unknown circumstances and replaced with a similar game known as Treasure Hunter, hosted by a young woman known as Alice, who mysteriously possesses many of the items Yelps was rewarding via the Squeal.

Left without a job, the adventurers of Gielinor decided Yelps's future via the Power to the Players poll system, which included the options of allowing him to retire gracefully, being strapped to a circus target wheel, being killed, or never being seen again. Ultimately, the adventurers voted to kill Yelps, with 42% of the vote, and Yelps is currently awaiting his possible death.



Audio options icon
Woohoo, extra spin for the win! (link)
Yelps' voice
Audio options icon
Woohoo, extra spin for the win! (link)
Yelps' voice with a diving helmet
  • He appears to have level 79 Summoning, as he is capable of summoning Fire titans.
  • He is one of 30 RuneScape Top Trumps cards, and he is a ranger with a height of 1.1m, a combat level of 10, an age of 35, a quest factor of 20, and 2 years in RuneScape. With a quest factor of 20, he has the highest quest factor of any card, likely as a result of him rewarding spins on the completion of every quest.


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