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Yadech Strongarm
Yadech Strongarm
Release date 26 November 2008 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC While Guthix Sleeps
Location Warriors' Guild
Sells items Strength cape
Gender Male
Examine He looks like a strong warrior.
Yadech Strongarm chathead

Yadech Strongarm is the barbarian from whom Sloane won his battleaxe. He wields a tree branch in shame now that his own axe cannot be recovered, seeing as it was destroyed by Lucien during While Guthix Sleeps. While Sloane's graphic still exists once the quest begins, if you talk to Sloane before his death about things other than the quest, his response back is Yadech's.

Yadech replaces Sloane after the latter is killed in the While Guthix Sleeps quest. He is found at the shotput activity on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the Warriors' Guild. He can sell Strength capes to players who have level 99 Strength, for 99,000 coins each.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Strength cape Strength cape Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Strength hood Strength hood Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Strength cape (t) Strength cape (t) Infinite 99,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A
Strength master cape Strength master cape Infinite 120,000 coins N/A Not sold N/A

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