Experience popup

A player using the XP Pop-up while training Prayer

XP pop-ups are an interface element released on 12 April 2010. Once the player begins to train a skill the pop-up will be displayed in the top-middle of the game screen. XP rises from the player and into the pop-up, displaying the type of XP gained through the skill's respective icon. A loader that encircles the skill icon will proceed to load based on remaining xp until the next level. Once it's full and the level has been achieved the icon alerts the player with fireworks, plus tells you any new unlocked milestones. The advantage to this is that player is told when a new level is reached but the character doesn't stop working (if Fletching or Smithing, for example). Before the player would have to click continue to have the character resume work. Additionally, if one wants to check how much exp if left before level-up, the player can simply hover over the globe rather than navigating to the skills panel.

If the pop-up is clicked on it will take the player to the Skill Advance Guide, which helps the player track milestones and allows many sorting/filtering options.

The XP pop-ups can be toggled in the interface settings.


  • Once players have achieved level 99 in a skill without getting the maximum amount of XP, the pop-up globe no longer appears for that skill, but the experience still appears. Unless virtual levelling is used, then it will still pop-up.
  • If a player gains experience in two skills simultaneously and the player is wearing XP-boosting gear for both skills (such as burning wood with the inferno adze while wearing flame gloves/ring and lumberjack clothing), the XP pop-up will not show the amount of bonus XP but instead will just show the total experience earned.