Wyson the gardener chathead

Wyson the gardener is the gardener in Falador Park. You can buy woad leaves from him, which are used to make blue dye. Aggie the witch in Draynor Village will make the dye for you. Wyson cannot be attacked, though before certain updates he was attackable while doing the Pirate's Treasure quest. He also had a slow respawn time and was also the only gardener in the park.

Giant MoleEdit

Wyson will also suggest people go kill the Giant Mole underneath the park. Killing the Mole will yield mole skins and claws. Wyson will exchange the skins and claws for bird nests; the nests may or may not have seeds. Wyson will accept only un-noted mole skins and mole claws. If you have completed the hard Falador Tasks, he will also give you a white lily seed with each nest for each moleskin (not claws). You do not have to have the Falador shield in your inventory. If you have the Falador Shield 4, the mole may drop a mole nose which can also be sold to Wyson in exchange for a more valuable birds nest (though they only contain rings or tree seeds).

Trading your collected mole skins and claws will turn a profit, as a ground birds nest is worth about the same as either of the mole items; and there is also the added profit from any contents of the nests. These can range from complete junk to seeds valued at over 100k. If one would prefer direct cash for the drops, the skins and claws can simply be sold on the grand exchange, for roughly the same amount you would sell the resultant nest for.

Woad leavesEdit

You may offer Wyson 5, 10, 15 or 20 coins to buy woad leaves. If you offer Wyson 20 coins, he will give you two woad leaves in return for being generous. If you offer 15 coins, he will give you one. If you offer him only 5 or 10 coins, he will refuse the offer.

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