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Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members? No
Skill Magic
Level 1
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 3 seconds
A powerful spell that deals up to 94% active spell damage. Inflicts 188% damage against stunned or bound opponents.
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Wrack is a level 1 basic Magic ability. It is the exact equivalent of Ranged's Piercing Shot and Melee's Punish. It deals 18.8-94% ability damage or 37.6-188% ability damage if the target is stunned or bound.

The ability's small cooldown is useful for ability rotation when aiming to gain adrenaline. It is often useful to use Wrack in alternation with other abilities to avoid having most basics on cooldown.

The stun from Impact is too short for Wrack to deal its boosted damage, because Impact stuns the target for 1.2 seconds, shorter than the global cooldown of 1.8 seconds. Deep Impact gives enough time for the user to use Wrack once for its boosted damage. This ability's damage boost does not work on most bosses as the majority of them are stun-immune unless they are stunned by dreadnips. Targets bound with Ice spells will also trigger Wrack's extra 94% damage provided the target is not a player and not immune to stuns/binds.

The Energising perk will make Wrack deal 20% less damage, but it will generate an additional 0.6% adrenaline per rank instead.


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