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Map Date of release Notes
DeviousMUD Map 2001 or earlier This was an official map, released by Jagex.
It is unknown what exact date this was made. This was the very first map ever made of RuneScape, by then called DeviousMUD. It has lots of things that later returned on the map of RuneScape Classic.
Rsc world map 2001 Between 4 January and 28 January 2001 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
This is the first map of RuneScape. This shows the very basics of the current map, and only features a small part of the current Free-to-play world map. It also shows that Jagex was already planning Player-owned houses back then, which were added more than 5 years later, in the update on 31 May 2006
September 2001 Map 23 September 2001 This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
This map shows the full map of RuneScape, including the Wilderness.
September 2002 Map 24 September 2002 This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
On this map, once again, the Wilderness has not been included. It shows more of RuneScape, including the features that have been added since the last mapping.
December 2002 Map 12 December 2002 This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
Since the last mapping, new areas like the Underground Pass have been added. It also has the newest skill training areas, like in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and the Barbarian Outpost, then located near the Legends' Guild's current location.
August 2003 Map 20 August 2003 This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
After the addition of the Legends' Quest, the map was re-done again, with also additions like the Jungle featured in the quest.
Rsc world map 2004 Sometime in early 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
This map is very incomplete. It is missing areas like the Wilderness, Feldip Hills, south Karamja, Sinclair Mansion and more. The unofficial map below does show those areas.
RSC World map 24 March 2004 (after re-opening of RuneScape Classic) This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
This map has been made by users that were able to play RuneScape Classic again after its re-opening.
Runescape old map 16 April 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
This map is the first map of RuneScape 2. It is also the only map to feature a key and a minimap like ingame on it.
June 2004 Map June 2004 This was an unofficial map, made by RuneScape users.
After Jagex released the above map, players added some areas that weren't mapped by Jagex yet.
Map 10 August 2004 10 August 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
After making a world map with blurred edges, Jagex decided to remove the key, and make the map detailed until the edges. Also, a lot of areas were added, including Silvarea and Paterdomus, Morytania, Canifis, Burthorpe and Trollheim
Rsmap 22 September 2004 22 September 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Several new areas have been added, including the Kalphite Hive, Tirannwn (Isafdar), and the Trollheim area has been expanded.
Rsmap 17 November 2004 17 November 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
More parts of Trollheim have been added, and Tirannwn has also been expanded with the Poison Waste. Also, the Haunted Woods and Mort'ton have been added to Morytania. Also, the whole part of the Fremennik Province that is not an island has been added, including the Lighthouse. Finally, two upcoming updates were added: Castle Wars (due December 2004) and Slayer Tower (due January 2005).
Rsmap 15 December 2004 15 December 2004 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
In this map update Miscellania and Etceteria have been added to the Fremennik Province. Also, Ape Atoll and Crash Island appeared on the map. Finally, as stated on the previous world map version, Castle Wars opened its doors.
Rsmap 7 February 2005 7 February 2005 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
In this update, Mort'ton got two green fields of the same size as the town south and east of it. These would later change to Burgh de Rott and Barrows. Slayer Tower was opened to public. Also, Karamja gained its dungeon filled with dragons and other monsters.
Rsmap 26 April 2005 26 April 2005 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Morytania expanded further to the east: Fenkenstrain's Castle and Port Phasmatys have been built there and a graveyard has been added just south of the Haunted Woods. The H.A.M. founded their organisation near Lumbridge, and in the Kharidian Desert(gaining its name this map update), the cities Sophanem and Menaphos have been added, with Sophanem being a city with buildings, and Menaphos being a plain area filled with sand. Bridge from Castle wars to the area south was constructed and parts of wall to the east were demolished to allow access to minigame from Yanille. Finally, the Ice Path gained its place north of Trollheim.
Rsmap 8 July 2005 8 July 2005 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Map was updated with addition of new quests and minigames, such as The Lost Tribe, Tears of Guthix, Keldagrim and the Rogues' Den.
Rsmap 5 January 2006 5 January 2006 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Because Jagex didn't release another world map for 5 months, there are a lot of changes. First of all Lletya opened to adventures, because the Mourning's Ends Part I and II were released. North of Isafdar, an Outpost appeared. Also Waterbirth Island, with its dangerous monsters, was added. Also some Teak and Mahogany trees grew near Tai Bwo Wannai. In Varrock, Queen Ellamaria created a garden for her own, and everywhere through Gielinor Rat Pits appeared. The Mage Training Arena was also restored from the remains the Fremenniks left. South from Thurgo's Peninsula, the Mudskipper Point rose from the sea. Furthermore, there were two unexplained disappearances. The first is the large island in the River Salve, and second is the water resource sign at Tutorial Island.
Rsmap 21 March 2006 21 March 2006 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
The Agility Pyramid and the Quarry were discovered in the Kharidian Desert, and when we are talking about sand, Sandy started his office in Brimhaven. Also Mos Le'Harmless has been opened, but just until the gates to prevent the horrors from attacking the pirates living there. A Canoe system has also started at the River Lum, which makes transport via it easier. Because of the effects of Recipe for Disaster some areas also changed, for example the Ape Atoll Agility Course. Finally, Burgh de Rott, the poorest town in Gielinor has been built, and it helps adventurers with getting supplies for fighting Vampyres.
Rsmap 28 July 2006 28 July 2006 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Near Silvarea, a rift opened with the imaginations of a strange man. Another odd man settled near the Paterdomus mining site, and needs the help of adventurers who will search bones for his collection. Further away from modern civilisation, in Port Phasmatys, a ghost offered his services to go to the Dragontooth Island. On the other side of the world, the Void Knights need your help fighting pests. In the wilderness the lava became brighter of colour. In the same location, a volcano rose from the ground, and teleport pillars were placed here too. Meanwhile, the Gnomes are preparing for defending their lands, as they constructed a pen for battle tortoises. Next to it, the Piscatoris Fishing Colony needs the help of the Wise Old Man, because of the threat of Sea trolls. This is also the first chance a player can ever see the colony. All over the world, there appeared portals to player-owned houses, which were announced more than 5 years before the actual release. In Burthorpe a group of the strongest warriors founded the Warriors' Guild. On Mos Le'Harmless, the pirates allowed players to explore the rest of the island, which was locked before. In the Fremennik lands, those pirates discovered the Lunar Isle, with the Moon Clan people living on it. And because this whole world of monsters (and scammers) was getting very dangerous, the Stronghold of Security was opened. The safety of people had to be tested by some strong monsters, and the series of new ones in the stronghold were capable of doing that. If you were going for the money, you could also go to Sophanem for the Pyramid Plunder.
Rsmap 4 September 2006 24 September 2006 Behind the poorest town in Gielinor(Burgh de Rott), another poor region appeared. The Sanguinesti region. Near Ardougne, the fishermen of Witchaven started up.
Rsmap 27 September 2006 27 September 2006 Many things happened in and around Lumbridge here: Father Urhney moved to a bit more to the west of the Lumbridge Swamps. This was because the Lumbridge government claimed it to reveal a mine at the old location of his house. in both south corners of the swamps new mines were discovered.
Rsmap 21 November 2006 28 November 2006 My Arm the troll started his farming patch near Troll Stronghold. In the Tree Gnome Stronghold another farming patch was made, a tree patch. In the Feldip Hills and Piscatoris areas, new Hunter locations appeared, at the Piscatoris area accompanied by the Eagles' Peak. As Eagles need somewhere to land, there were also some of those landing spots added around the world.
Rsmap 10 January 2007 10 January 2007 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
Several icons were added here, and Barbarian Assault started. In Sophanem an altar and several shops were added.
Rsmap 29 January 2007 29 January 2007 This was an official map, released by Jagex.
The Iceberg has been added, and on the place where the Fremennik Isles would come, a message saying "coming soon" was placed.
RuneScape World Map March 2007 7 March 2007 This was an official map, released by Jagex. The Fremennik Isles and Harmony Island have been added.
Rs world map 2010 april 29 28 April 2010 Official map, from Jagex website. Confirmed accurate as of 28 April. Compressed with Pngout and Pngcrush. Also, no sharp edges from resizing.
Rs map 27 august 2010 27 August 2010 New Void Knight Outpost, added island below Daemonheim
Rs world map... 18 May 2011 World Map after the Trollheim area update, 15/3/2010, It only changed the Trollheim area and nothing else.
Rs world map... 11 27 March 2011
Rs world map may 12 11 12 May 2011 Fixed the location names of Tutorial Island and Kalphite hive
Rs map 15 may 2011 15 May 2011
Rs map 7 11 11 7 November 2011 Map from Runescape website, accurate as of 7/11/2011
Rs map 31 jan 12 31 January 2012 New revision as of: 31-Jan-2012
Rs world map 27 march 12 27 March 2012 Updated, lodestones, new ground textures, etc.
Rs map 19 june 2012 19 June 2012
Rs map 21 august 12 21 August 2012 Updated Rimmington
Rs map december 12 12 12 December 2012 Tutorial Island was removed from the game map on 28 November 2012 to make space for the revamped Wizards' Tower.
Rs map 20 june 2013 20 June 2013 Changes: Shows new darker map colours, icons positions and font sizes on the map have changed slightly. Changes to following buildings: slayer tower, duel arena Following dungeons added: TWW ruins, Order of Ascension, The Nexus, Exil...
Rs2013november5 5 November 2013 From downloads section in RuneScape website
Rs map february 4 2014 4 February 2014 Updated to more current version, with added divination spots, changed hue, and lumbridge crater, among other things.
RSworldMap 7 july 2015 7 July 2015 Includes new icons (previously released), new areas (previously released but never updated: Ashdale, Fremennik Island Outpost) (released on upload date: Tuska crash site).

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