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"Workshop" redirects here. For the Artisans workshop, see Artisans Workshop, for the music track see Workshop (music track).

A workshop within a player owned house.

The Workshop in a player-owned house is a room where the player can create heraldic items, clockwork toys, and flatpack items.

This room can be created with 15 Construction and 10,000 coins.

There are 9 different Hotspots available:

  • Workbench
  • Heraldry
  • Repair
  • Tool store 1
  • Tool store 2
  • Tool store 3
  • Tool store 4
  • Tool store 5
  • Clockmaking


This is where you can create flatpacks that can be sold at the Grand Exchange, used to pay your subjects (with completion of the hard Fremennik Province Tasks) or just for experience.

Wooden workbenchFile:Wood workbench.png175 Planks,
5 nails
Oak workbenchOak workbench325 Oak planks300
Steel framed benchFile:Steel framed workbench.png466 Oak planks,
4 steel bars
Bench with viceBench with vice62Steel framed bench,
2 oak planks,
1 steel bar
Bench with a latheFile:Bench with lathe.png77Bench with vice,
2 oak planks,
1 steel bar


This is where you can colour steel and rune full helms and kite shields with your herald symbol and make banners. Pluming stand can do helms, shield easel can do helms and shields, and banner easels can make all three.

Pluming standPluming stand162 Oak planks120
Shield easelShield easel414 Oak planks240
Banner easelFile:Banner easel.png668 Oak planks, 2 bolts of cloth510


Repair benches fix bent arrows and broken staves. Whetstones fix broken arrows, staves, and sharpen rusty swords. Armour stands fix broken arrows, staves, rusty swords, and damaged armour as well as repairing Barrows armour for a fraction of the cost that NPC's charge. The discount received at the armour stand is based on the players smithing level, with the maximum bonus received being 50% less at level 100 smithing, obtainable by opperating a Smithing Cape at level 99.

Repair benchRepair bench152 Oak planks120
WhetstoneWhetstone354 Oak planks, 1 limestone brick260
Armour standFile:Armour stand.png558 Oak planks, 1 limestone brick500


There are 5 shown tool store hotspots, but they act as one. When a tool store hotspot is upgraded, another (different) tool store is added to the room.

Tool store 1Tool store 1152 Oak planks120
Tool store 2Tool store 2252 more
Oak planks
Tool store 3Tool store 3352 more
Oak planks
Tool store 4Tool store 4442 more
Oak planks
Tool store 5Tool store 5552 more
Oak planks


Clockmaking Image Level Materials Experience
Crafting table 1 Crafting table 1 16 4 Oak planks 240
Crafting table 2 Crafting table 2 25 Crafting table 1,
1 molten glass
Crafting table 3 Crafting table 3 34 Crafting table 2,
2 molten glass
Crafting table 4 Crafting table 4 42 Crafting table 3,
2 oak planks

From Scratch to Complete room.

With 77 construction you can make the best things in this room. Doing this will take 3 molten glass, 42 oak planks, 1 limestone brick, 2 bolts of cloth and 6 Steel bars, for a total cost of 23,299 coins. You will also gain 3716 experience.

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