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Wooden knot detail

A Wooden knot is an item obtained from cutting normal trees with a Dwarven army axe. The player's chatbox will display a message saying they recovered a perfectly formed knot from the tree. The player gets 25 experience for cutting a Wooden knot, on top of the normal 28 xp for chopping a normal tree with the axe, for 53 xp total. It is automatically placed in the player's inventory. It may be crafted with the Dwarven army axe or a chisel into a Unfinished wooden brooch, granting you 20 crafting xp. The unfinished brooch may be combined with a lapis lazuli gem to make a Lapis Lazuli brooch. The find ratio is 1:6 trees, making this a popular way to gain woodcutting and crafting experience in one go. It is also possible to receive a wooden knot while pickpocketing a man or woman.


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