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Woodcutting urn (nr) detail

The woodcutting urn (nr) is an item used to make a woodcutting urn. It is made by firing a woodcutting urn (unf) in a pottery oven, requiring level 44 Crafting and giving 48 Crafting experience. If an earth rune is attached, it becomes a woodcutting urn. A general store will buy a woodcutting urn (nr) for 100 coins at zero stock. This is the highest level urn a free-player can craft.


Woodcutting urn (nr) woodcutting urn (nr)
Crafting-icon-Make-X GE icon
48 XP-747
Crafting-icon Crafting level44
P2P icon Members only?No
Woodcutting urn (unf)Woodcutting urn (unf)1N/A-


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Facts about "Woodcutting urn (nr)"RDF feed
All Is members onlyfalse
All Item ID20,308 +
All Junk chance98.9 +
All Release date15 February 2011 +
All Value250 +
All Weight1.36 +
Is members onlyfalse
Item ID20,308 +
Junk chance98.9 +
Made from itemWoodcutting urn (unf) +
Production JSON{ "product": "woodcutting urn (nr)", { "product": "woodcutting urn (nr)", "image": "[[File:woodcutting urn (nr).png|link=woodcutting urn (nr)]]", "mats": [ { "name": "Woodcutting urn (unf)", "quantity": "1", "image": "Woodcutting urn (unf).png" } ], "skill": "Crafting", "level": "44" } "skill": "Crafting", "level": "44" }
Release date15 February 2011 +
Value250 +
Weight1.36 +

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