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Easter Bunny chathead
Wizard Whitezag only appears during certain holiday or seasonal events and may not be currently found in-game.
Wizard Whitezag
Wizard Whitezag
Release date 20 December 2011 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Wizard's Tower
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Grayzag's cousin.
Master of imps.
Whitezag chathead

Wizard Whitezag is Wizard Grayzag's cousin, and replaces him during A Towering Feast, available only to players who have completed The Void Stares Back. He does not appear to be any better at summoning than Grayzag's incompetent persona was. He plays a part in the 2011 Christmas event, where he summons some mischievous imps that run away and steal his hat, and then some snow imps to serve as waiters.


  • His name is a play on Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, as Whitezag is the replacement of Grayzag, while Gandalf the Grey was resurrected as Gandalf the White.

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