Wizard Rinsit's Runecrafting Shop
Wizard Rinsit
Release date 20 March 2017 (Update)
Members No
Location Roof of the Wizards' Tower
Owner Wizard Rinsit
Specialty Runecrafting items
Wizard Rinsit location

Wizard Rinsit's Runecrafting Shop is a shop that sells rewards for Runespan and Runecrafting training. It is run by Wizard Rinsit. It is located on the roof of Wizards' Tower.



Item Points
Portal redirection Portal redirection[1] 1,000
Master runecrafter hat Master runecrafter hat 4,000
Master runecrafter robe Master runecrafter robe 4,000
Master runecrafter skirt Master runecrafter skirt 4,000
Master runecrafter boots Master runecrafter boots 4,000
Unstable essence 200 Unstable essence 500
Runesphere teleport Runesphere teleport 2,000
Yellow wizard teleport Yellow wizard teleport 1,000
  1. ^ Unlocks the ability to change the destination of mid-level Runespan portal to high-level, which takes the player directly to top floor of Runespan.

Altar teleportsEdit

Item Cost
Air altar teleport Air altar teleport x10 2,000
Mind altar teleport Mind altar teleport x10 2,000
Water altar teleport Water altar teleport x10 2,000
Earth altar teleport Earth altar teleport x10 2,000
Fire altar teleport Fire altar teleport x10 2,000
Body altar teleport Body altar teleport x10 2,000
Cosmic altar teleport Cosmic altar teleport x10 2,000
Chaos altar teleport Chaos altar teleport x10 2,000
Astral altar teleport Astral altar teleport x10 2,000
Nature altar teleport Nature altar teleport x10 2,000
Law altar teleport Law altar teleport x10 2,000
Death altar teleport Death altar teleport x10 2,000
Blood altar teleport Blood altar teleport x10 2,000


  • Prior to 10 April 2017 patch notes free-to-play players could purchase members items but were unable to use them.

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