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The Witch costume was a Holiday reward received from the 2008 Hallowe'en event event. This set can only be worn by female players. When worn on a male character, it converts to items from the Warlock set.

The full set includes:

The set is obtained after players have given some sweets (Popcorn balls, Wrapped candy, and Chocolate drops) to Maggie, the travelling witch. She gives players one item per sweet type.

If a player loses any part they can get it back from Diango at Draynor Village.

Note: Each component of the Witch set can be affected by Low or High Alchemy spells and turned to gold, unlike most other Holiday Event items, each for six coins. Diango can nonetheless supply more sets, even if they are removed using this method. The magic of the Explorer's ring is also able to perfectly cast the spell on the set.


  • When first released and few months after, the male version of this set couldn't be stored in a player owned house, unless it was the female set, causing male players to change to female to store the set. This has been fixed after complaints on the forums.
  • There was a glitch during the 2009 Hallowe'en Event where some players get the Warlock set as with the Santa outfit and the Cornucopia from Diango. It was removed the next day by Jagex.
  • The Witch costume is exactly the same as the clothes that Maggie is wearing (except for the witch cloak) just with a different colour scheme.

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