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Witch's cat detail

The Witch's cat is used in the Underground Pass quest. It must be recovered from the maze of walkways deep inside the dungeon west of West Ardougne and then used as a distraction to allow the player to enter Kardia the witch's house there and search a chest to find a stat restore potion, a super attack potion, a book on the History of Iban and a Doll of Iban.

You can take the cat out of the area by grabbing another one and keeping it with you. When dropping it though, it will always run away, essentially disappearing.


A Catspeak amulet is required to speak to the Witch's cat.


  • The examine text "Curiosity has yet to kill this one..." refers to the idiom "Curiosity kills the cat."
  • There is a graphical glitch on one of the platforms that the cat can be found, making anything that walks over the ground sink into it slightly. It may look like the cat disappears at times.
  • If you try and pick up another cat while you already have one in your inventory, you get the message:
    It's not very nice to squeeze a cat into a satchel.
    ... [sic]Two is just plain cruel!
  • You cannot use this cat on civilian to get death runes. They will say it is too old and has never seen the light of day and would not be good for catching mice.

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