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This article is about a bush. For the summoning shop, see Wishing well.
For the promotional event in November 2013, see Well of Goodwill.
Wishing well bush seed detail

A wishing well bush seed is a seed that can be grown with level 96 Farming from which a wishing well bush can be grown. They are planted in bush patches and can be protected by paying a farmer 15 wildblood hops. Boosts can be used to plant it.

Checking the health of the bush gives 2200 farming experience. The bush releases a wishing well fruit when given an appropriate amount of coins, relative to the player's total skill level. This fruit will contain items of up to three times the value of the coins used. However, the value of the items may give a loss. In order to open the fruit, 8 free inventory spaces are needed. The fruit cannot be banked.

Seeds are obtained from Hunting Jadinkos in the Herblore Habitat, as a reward from wishing well fruit, and from pickpocketing gnomes, elves, or dwarves.

On average, harvesting wishing well bushes will result in a loss! See the value analysis section for details.

The Wishing well bush will also not regenerate fruits. Once a fruit is picked, a new bush must be planted and grown in order to buy a new fruit.

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Wishing well fruit calculator
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Cost: 0 coins.
Reward: 0 - 0 coins.
Healthy wishing well bush
Stage Description Image
1 Wishing well1
2 Wishing well2
3 Wishing well3
4 Wishing well4
5 Wishing well5
6 Wishing well6

Value analysisEdit

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