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The Wise hoardstalker is a Summoning familiar in Daemonheim which requires a Summoning level of 75 to make. He can be summoned using a Wise hoardstalker pouch. As a hoardstalker, he will occasionally find random items throughout the dungeon, such as herbs, ores and hides.

Wise hoardstalker pouchEdit


A Wise hoardstalker pouch is made by using a Summoning obelisk in Daemonheim with a Crimson charm and a Stegomastyx hide in the player's inventory.

Aptitude (tier 8) scrollEdit


The Aptitude scroll enables the use of the Aptitude special ability for a Wise hoardstalker. Using a Wise hoardstalker pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Wise hoardstalker scrolls.


Aptitude is the special move of the Wise hoardstalker activated by using a Aptitude scroll. It grants the player an invisible skill boost of +8.


The wise hoardstalker forages up to tier 8 items in its pack, such as Katagon ore, Stegomastyx hides, Corpsethorn branches, Ectograss, and Raw salve eels.


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