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Willow shieldbow (u) detail

An unstrung willow shieldbow (called willow shieldbow (u) in-game) may be cut from willow logs with a knife at level 40 Fletching, granting 41.5 experience. This will amount to 1162 Fletching experience for a full inventory.

The unstrung bow may be strung into a willow shieldbow at level 40 Fletching using a bowstring, granting an additional 41.5 experience. However, for training, players may do better not stringing their willow bows, due to the low value of willow shieldbows. It may be advisable to wait until level 55 Fletching and using bowstrings for maple shieldbows.

Due to the low price and abundance of willow logs on the Grand Exchange, many players train Fletching by cutting willow logs into unstrung willow shieldbows and attempting to sell them on the Grand Exchange. This has resulted in an excess of unstrung willow shieldbows on the Grand Exchange.

The most profitable means of getting rid of these unstrung bows is selling them to a general store. This can be profitable since the logs cost 59 coins on the Grand Exchange and the unstrung shieldbows sell for around 32 coins at the store. An Explorer Ring could also be used to some effect - the 30 low level alchemy charges can be used to get a greater amount of coins than selling them to the store, although because the ring only has 30 charges per day its effects are minimal.


  • This item can be invested in the Mobilising Armies activity. Each unit trades for 33 Investment Credits
  • Stringing this item makes almost 600 experience per inventory and is fairly cost effective.
  • As of 1 April 2010, Willow Shieldbows (u) can be sold to the general store in Varrock Square for the minimum Grand Exchange price, making fletching these bows a little bit more profitable.


Willow shieldbow (u) Willow shieldbow (u)
Fletching-Make-X GE icon
41.5 XP-46
Fletching Fletching level40
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Willow logsWillow logs15959

Fletching cost analysisEdit

Note: All prices are calculated using current GE price

Action Material cost Product price Profit
Cutting willow logs into unstrung bows 59 46 -13
Stringing unstrung bows 252 226 -26
Making willow shieldbows from willow logs 265 226 -39


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