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Willow branch
Willow branch
Release date 11 July 2005 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High alch 1 coin
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 1,094 coins (info)
Buy limit 200
Examine A branch from a willow tree.
Weight 0.9 kg
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Willow branch detail

A Willow branch is an item received while pruning a willow tree grown by a player.

To obtain willow branches, use secateurs or magic secateurs on a willow tree which has been planted on a tree patch using the Farming skill. No experience is gained from this.

This is only possible after checking the health of the tree. Once its health is checked, a branch can be cut every 5 minutes or you have the option of leaving the tree after checking its health and later coming back to cut them all at once. The player has the option of cutting up to six branches at once after a waiting period of 30 minutes and this action can be repeated. It is possible to cut seven branches at the same tree; it would require the player to cut at least one branch off of the tree and have another branch immediately take its place, then the player continues to cut the branches. This allows a player to collect up to 12 branches per hour from each tree, and with five available tree patches, up to 60 per hour total, which, in turn, means approximately 65640 coins an hour.

Instances of up to 34 branches being collected in one retrieval have been recorded, though the occurrence of this event is unpredictable; it is unknown as to whether this is a glitch or not. It has been observed with both Magic Secateurs and regular Secateurs.

Players may receive willow branches from opening a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion. Two branches is also a possible loot from a Spirit impling jar.


12 willow branches are required for the Enlightened Journey quest.

6 willow branches are required to make a fruit basket on a loom, which is one of the Medium Falador Tasks.

Willow branches are also used for making Giant ent pouches as part of the Summoning skill.

Willow branches can be noted at a Tool leprechaun.

Note: You can only obtain willow branches from willow trees that have been grown using the Farming skill.

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