Wildstalker helmet (tier 1) chathead

The Wildstalker helmet is a helmet that keeps track of the kills that the wearer has achieved in player versus player combat in the Wilderness. It can be obtained in both pay-to-play and free-to-play worlds. It will now record player-vs-player kills from play-to-pay and free-to-play as noted in the patch note updates, October 23, 2017, "The Wildstalker helmet now increments kills on free worlds."

Wildstalker helmet (tier 1) statue

A player transformed into a statue (tier 1)

The main feature of the helmet, as with the Duellist's cap, is the change of feature that occurs with each kill amount milestone reached (shown below). As well as the Duellist's cap, this helmet will also give the owner the ability to transform into a statue, which also like the Duellist's cap lets other players view your various PvP stats that you have achieved, such as amount of total kills, death, and kill-death ratio. It will also give access to an emote by selecting Brag while the helmet is worn. You need at least ten kills in order to do both these actions, as the emotes are only available for the tier 2 helmet and up, as with the tier 2 Duellist's cap.

Players can retrieve the helmet from Mr Ex in Edgeville. If you reset the Wildstalker Helmet all kills and deaths will be reset as well as the tiers. A player's existing kills are not transferred to the hat when it is obtained.
Wildstaker helmet concept art

The concept art for all of the Wildstalker helmets

Wilderness kills
Wildstalker helmet (tier 1) Tier 1 0-9
Wildstalker helmet (tier 2) Tier 2 10-99
Wildstalker helmet (tier 3) Tier 3 100-499
Wildstalker helmet (tier 4) Tier 4 500-1999
Wildstalker helmet (tier 5) Tier 5 2000-4999
Wildstalker helmet (tier 6) Tier 6 5000+


  • The wearer does not really turn into a statue, but the 'object' is spawned and placed over the player.

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