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This article is about how to survive in the Wilderness. For information on monsters and how to deal with them, see PvM.

Located north of the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, the Wilderness is a large and dangerous area where Players may attack and be attacked by others, making it a very dangerous place for unprepared players. Dying in Wilderness will result in all but 3 most valuable unprotected items being dropped to the ground, furthermore decreasing to all unprotected items dropped if skulled as a result of attacking another player.

This guide aims to help you to safely navigate your way around the dangers of the Wilderness.

The Wilderness levelsEdit

When you're in the Wilderness, you'll notice the Wilderness level displayed in the top right corner of your screen. The level represents the potential combat levels of the other players that can engage you in combat. For example, a Wilderness level of 1 means the player can attack and be attacked by players within 1 combat level of their own; a Wilderness level of 2 means they can fight players within 2 combat levels of their own; and so on.

Most methods of teleportation don't work above Wilderness level 20. There are a few items that can teleport players up to level 30, such as an amulet of glory, a ring of wealth, a skills necklace, a combat bracelet or a ring of life. Tokens such as the Dragon Zamorakian token are the only methods except death by which Free-to-play players can teleport past level 20.

Wilderness free-to-play areas map

The Wilderness as seen from the world map


Most 'regular' monsters, such as Skeletons and Moss giants, are usually aggressive to all players regardless of their combat levels in the Wilderness. One of the most well-known monsters in the Wilderness are the Revenants, monsters with varying levels found in the Forinthry Dungeon that can drop Ancient Warriors' equipment.

There are also three bosses located in the Wilderness, although there are usually safe ways to reach them that allow you to skip travelling through the Wilderness.

  • The King Black Dragon is a level 276 black dragon with three heads instead of one. Its lair is found close to the obelisk near the Ice Plateau. Players can enter the lair either from the Wilderness to get a 10% damage boost against the King Black Dragon, or through a portal in Edgeville in order to remove the need to travel through Wilderness to reach the lair.
  • The Corporeal Beast is a level 785 boss monster found in a cave in the Wilderness after completion of Summer's End. It is known for dropping sigils, which are used to create damage reducing Spirit Shields.
  • The Chaos Elemental is a level 305 monster known for dropping parts of Ancient warriors' equipment and the Dragon 2h sword. It is recommended to have a full inventory when passing or fighting the Chaos Elemental, as it can unequip your weapons and armour unless you have no inventory space open.


Cape merchantsEdit

An update has made them acting as bankers, therefore it is vital to familiarize with locations of all of them, and they are useful for quickly placing loots gained in Wilderness.

Demonic RuinsEdit

Both greater demons and Kal'gerion demons can be found here. As these demons can also be found in safer and easier to access locations, they're not commonly killed by anyone.

Chaos Temple (hut)Edit

This altar is in a reasonably high wilderness level. It is useful for world hopping and refilling your prayer, as not many players are there.

Rogues' CastleEdit

If you are entering through the west, it is recommended to stay as far north a possible to avoid unwanted encounters with the Chaos Elemental that roams around the area. It can be a very dangerous and annoying monster to anyone not prepared, as it can unequip your armour and weapons. This could prove to be lethal if already fighting another player.

Should you wish to escape from potential threats in the area, running to the Ardougne teleport lever on the small island surrounded by lava just west of the castle is an easy way out of the Wilderness. However, this does not work under the effect of Teleport block spell.

Another option to escape from the area is to use the nearby Wilderness obelisk.

Eastern edgeEdit

It's possible to fish at the shore of eastern Wilderness, but this is not recommended due to better alternatives existing for those wishing to train Fishing.

Frozen Waste PlateauEdit

The plateau is deep Wilderness, so it can be relatively dangerous. An easy way to escape from the area is to run south to the gates and close it behind you. You can then run altar to recharge prayer if necessary and continue south.

Wilderness Agility CourseEdit

Training Agility here is risky as players training can be targeted by player killers. As such, it is advised to train somewhere else. However, if you still plan to train here, bring as much food as possible and some lightweight armour, such as Dragonhide. Having the 3 protection prayers set to your Actionbar is recommended for easy activation. An easy way to evade from player killers at the course is to climb down the ladder into the pit where failing the obstacles takes you.

Dark Warriors' FortressEdit

There is a Spirit Realm portal in the open space in the center of the castle, in front of the dead body. This is where the Tormented Wraith can be found. For using the portal for the first time one will receive Defence experience (note: level 80 Defence is required to receive this).

Forinthry DungeonEdit

The main attractions of the Forinthry Dungeon are green dragons, hellhounds and Revenants. The aggressiveness of the Revenants combined with potential risk of player killers can make the dungeon very dangerous for players not prepared to fight.

Teleporting out of the dungeon is possible in the lower part of the green dragons' chamber, as it counts as level 19 Wilderness.

Wilderness Runite mineEdit

Mining Runite ore here is not recommended due to the risk and lack of banks nearby. For those still wishing to mine here, banking using the Wilderness obelisks or Team cape merchants is possible.

Bandit CampEdit

The Bandit Camp is mainly visited for Bandit Duty Free shop. One must be Skulled in order to enter the camp without getting attacked by the bandits, making the area rather risky.

Other than the main entrance, it is also possible to enter Bandit Camp through an opening in the fence to the east of the buildings in the camp.

In the room to the north, Fat Tony sells pizza bases to players. There is also 1 tomato and 1 cheese that respawn on a table, along with a pond just outside the house were players can fish anchovies, making the place suitable for those wishing to make pizzas.

Lava MazeEdit

The Lava Maze contains confusing, maze-like routes some of which are blocked by webs that lead up to Muddy Chest. The lava river is not very wide, so a Player killer may be able to attack you over it using Magic or Ranged. If a Player killer is in sight, run directly to the end of the maze, just outside of the lesser demons. Escaping down the ladder at the center of the Maze can also be a viable option.

If the center is far away, logging out is recommended, however it may not be possible if you are under attack.

Hobgoblin MineEdit

The Hobgoblin Mine contains a lot of adamantite, mithril, coal, and iron rocks. However, a high-leveled player killer may pop up at any time and attack you. To avoid this, run through the Chaos ridge, and the level they will stop attacking you. Or arrive at the Chaos ridge, and stay away from the cliffs and log out, then come back and continue mining. Otherwise, run west to the Chaos temple, close the door and hide there, or log out. You are strongly advised to log out the second a white dot appears on your minimap and change worlds.

Chaos TempleEdit

The Chaos Altar here acts as a Gilded altar with both burners lit, and can be used to train Prayer by players with no access to other alternatives.

As the Chaos Temple is located in level 12-15 Wilderness, there is only a small range of other players that are able to attack you. Teleports can be used to escape the area as this is below level 20 Wilderness.


Daemonheim is the home of Dungeoneering. Despite being located in the most easterly part of the Wilderness, it's not an actual part of the Wilderness, and thus you cannot be attacked there. Because of this, escaping into Daemonheim is a good way to leave Wilderness, but the gate guards will not allow you through if you are already under attack.

However, if you simply wish to train Dungeoneering, getting to Daemonheim is much easier using the Ring of kinship or by sailing on the Fremennik ships, located behind Taverley bank and between Lumbridge Swamp and the bank in Al Kharid.

Chaos ElementalEdit

If you have received the Chaos Elemental as a Soul Reaper task, or just want to kill it for money, it is important to take precautions, as Player killers are extremely common in this area. First, make sure you can see the room on the west side of Rogue's Castle, because it is a frequent login point for players who kill Chaos Elemental hunters.

If you're attacked by multiple players, a good way to escape is running west towards the Ardougne teleport lever, as it turns into a Single-way combat area. The nearby Wilderness obelisk can also be used to escape, although this is recommended only against a single player killer.

Fighting back is also an option, but this is only recommended if you are decently equipped and risk little.

Lava strykewyrmsEdit

If you have a Lava strykewyrm slayer task or just wish to kill them for the chance of a rare drop, be very careful. If a Player killer or someone you believe to be one approaches you, you can either world hop, or run south to Forinthry Dungeon where you can use the Amulet of Glory or other Dragonstone jewellery to teleport out at level 30 Wilderness. A common place where player killers will hop is in the place where the lava goes into the Lava Maze in a sort of peninsula shape. If you are a high level and have some PvP experience, you can attempt to fight back as well, but take caution when doing so.

Recommended equipmentEdit

When entering the Wilderness, many players equip all their very best armour, wield their strongest weapons and bring expensive amulets and rings as protection. This may seem to offer high protection, but is generally not recommended if one is not skilled in PvP combat. An experienced player killer would have little difficulty in bringing down a higher level player in superior gear if the latter has little PvP experience.

It is much safer to do the opposite - bringing cheap armour and weapons, getting as much defense for as little cost as possible. This is also a good idea if you have a higher than usual risk of dying (for example, if you are exploring an area of the Wilderness you haven't been in before), as it makes dying a very cheap way of getting out of the Wilderness.

Consider your type of armour carefully, as both the players and the wide variety of monsters in the Wilderness may use different combat styles. Keep in mind, however, that if you die in the Wilderness, all your unprotected items will be dropped to the ground for anybody to pick up.

Suggested free-to-play equipmentEdit

Suggested free-to-play expendable equipmentEdit


Suggested members' equipmentEdit


Tips and tricksEdit

  • Attacking another player will cause you to get Skulled, which means you will lose all items upon death. Protect Item prayer can still be used to protect your most valuable item.
  • Keep an eye on your minimap for white dots which can mean potential player killers nearby. It is very possible to travel all the way through the Wilderness relatively unscathed, and without encountering any player killers.
  • It is advised to keep auto retaliate off to avoid other players tricking you to skull on them, resulting in losing all items when killed.
  • One is a lot more likely to get attacked in the more popular places of Wilderness, as other players know where the busiest spots in the Wilderness are. These places include active Warband camps, the Wilderness Volcano Lodestone, Wilderness Agility Course, etc.
  • Obstacles such as trees can be used to interrupt combat with a player killer. Running through areas with lots of obstacles like a forest can allow one to escape more easily by getting the attacking player stuck or lost behind several obstacles.
  • Jennica's ring can be helpful to escape the Wilderness using the Spirit Realm portals. Activating the ring on the portal can teleport you inside a safe location, from which you may teleport out of regardless of what level of Wilderness you were in. However, you cannot teleport to the Spirit Realm if you are currently teleblocked.
  • Explorer's ring 3 is useful for its run restoring capabilities, as well as the teleport.
  • Ring of life can be very useful to save your life in case your life points fall below 10%.
  • If travelling through the Wilderness with no intention to fight anything, it's a good idea to wear as little as possible and carry teleportation tablets/runes and food.
  • The Wilderness obelisks can be used as a way to escape a player killer by luring them in the middle of the obelisk and activating it. Teleblock prevents the obelisk's teleport from affecting a player, which can be used as an advantage when trying to escape from a player killer.
  • Despite its location, Daemonheim does not count as the Wilderness. Fleeing here is an excellent way of leaving Wilderness if you happen to be nearby, but you will not be able to enter through the gate under attack.
  • If on a Treasure Trail, Meerkats can be useful. They can dig without getting into battle with a mage, thus lowering your time in the Wilderness to a minimum.
  • Use a world with a low population.
  • Using a cheap dual-wield melee weapon switch (if not using dual-wield melee already), such as a Darklight and an Enhanced Excalibur, allows you to use the Shattered Worlds ability Bladed Dive to escape attackers more easily.
  • The Invention perk "Mobile" cuts the cooldown of Surge, Escape, Barge, and Bladed Dive from 20 seconds to 10 seconds, allowing easier escaping.