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Wildercress cloth detail

Wildercress cloth is made when Wildercress is used on a Spinning wheel. It can be used with a Needle to make Wildercress robes.

Image Item Crafting level Experience gained Cloths used
Wildercress gloves Wildercress gloves 10 21 1
Wildercress shoes Wildercress shoes 12 22.7 1
Wildercress hood Wildercress hood 14 47.8 2
Wildercress robe bottom Wildercress robe bottom 16 78.3 3
Wildercress shield Wildercress shield 16 78.3 3
Wildercress orb Wildercress orb 18 27.8 1
Wildercress robe top Wildercress robe top 18 139 5

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