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Wildblood hops detail

Wildblood hops are used to make a Slayer's respite. They can be farmed at 28 Farming by using four wildblood seeds on a hops patch. It costs one nasturtium to protect the crops. 23 experience points are awarded for planting a wildblood seed, and 26 per harvest. They take approximately 75 minutes to grow.

Horacio will accept 10 wildblood hops as payment protection for the jade vine seed after the Back to my Roots quest, and 15 wildblood hops are used as payment for protection of a wishing well bush.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Alice's Farming Shop15Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Richard's Farming Shop15Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Sarah's Farming Shop15Coins 5Coins 0Yes
Vanessa's Farming Shop15Coins 5Coins 0Yes


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