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Wicked robes equipped

A player wearing wicked robes.

Wicked robes are a reward from the Runespan, as announced in the April 2012 Behind the Scenes. A full set costs 25,000 Runespan points to obtain from Wizard Finix's Runecrafting Shop, excluding the wicked hood, which costs 175 more points, but can be obtained for free in Burthorpe.

The whole set may be re-coloured from Wizard Finix for 2000 Runespan points. Esteem bought from the shop can also add a symbol to the robes. If one loses pieces that they have received, they can reobtain the hood and still get the same amount of essence teleports and runes that they received previously. If the player has re-coloured any pieces of the robe set, upon death, the robes retain their colour.

The whole set can be stored in an armour case in a POH. Note: The customization is lost when storing. However, teleports and other effects remain. If one wishes to save bank space but keep the hood available, another hood can be claimed from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe.

Important note: when choosing to re-colour the wicked robes, the player should be wearing the whole robes set, as Wizard Finix only recolours the items that the player is wearing. Also note that if you have re-coloured your robes, logging into a free-to-play world with them equipped may reset the colours to the default colour.


Except for the wicked hood, the wicked robes act as a weight-reducing clothing when worn, making the wicked robes good for training skills and/or doing activities that rely on running a lot. The three pieces together give a negative weight bonus of -24kg.

For each piece of the wicked robes obtained (excluding the wicked hood), an additional 25 rune/pure essence can be withdrawn and 1 additional set of runes can be withdrawn from the hood each day. Therefore, a full set of wicked robes gives 175 rune/pure essence withdrawal and 4 (or 5 if the hood has consumed the elemental talisman) rune withdrawals each day. Additionally, once you own the full set an extra altar teleport is added, increasing the total number of daily teleports to 3. This extra teleport does not come from any one piece and it can only be gained by purchasing the entire set. An additional hood does not need to be purchased if a player already owns the free hood.

Item Weight reduction Point cost Level required
Wicked hood Wicked hood None 175[note 1] None
Wicked cape Wicked cape 6 kg 2,500 30
Wicked legs Wicked legs 8 kg 7,500 55
Wicked robe top Wicked robe top 10 kg 15,000 80
Total 24 kg 25,000 80
  1. ^ Players can obtain (or replace, if lost) one hood for free from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe.

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