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Wicked hood
Wicked hood
Release date 17 October 2011 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Value 1 coin
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You will not lose any progress you made with your wicked hood, and you can get another one by speaking to Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe. If it was re-colored before being destroyed, the color will be reverted to the standard pink.
On death Not reclaimable from gravestone
Store price 175 Runespan Points
(Wizard Finix)
Examine A menacing, magical hood which conjures runes and essence.
Weight 0 kg
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Wicked hood chathead
Wicked hood detail

The wicked hood is a members-only item that can be obtained from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe for free, or from Wizard Finix in the Wizards' Tower, for 175 Runespan points.

The Wicked Hood functions the same way as a talisman, granting access to the Runecrafting altars. It has the additional benefit of being wearable, like a tiara which has been bound with some particular talisman. But before it can serve this function for any given altar, you must "feed" the talisman or tiara corresponding to that altar to the hood. Once you have done so, this enables the hood to serve as a tiara for that altar. One hood can serve as a tiara for all altars, once one of each talisman (or tiara) has been fed to the hood.

If you lose your wicked hood, you can get a new one for free from Tam McGrubor, and all of the altars you had unlocked previously will still be unlocked.

Wicked hood essence withdrawal

Withdrawing essence from the wicked hood.

Wicked hood rune withdrawal

Withdrawing runes wearing the wicked hood.

At level 50 players can access the Runecrafting Guild to make an Omni-talisman which will unlock the hood's ability to make Pure essence instead of regular essence.

If a player is already in possession of an Omni-talisman or tiara, it is suggested to 'feed' that one to the hood. This will make 'feeding' all other talismans/tiaras obsolete, as the Omni encompasses all (with exception of the Elemental talisman, which may be fed to the hood later without losing the benefits of the Omni-talisman or tiara). To obtain another Omni-talisman, talk to Wizard Elriss. If you do not have an omni-talisman, using tiaras rather than talismans on the hood is usually cheaper. Whatever item you 'feed' to the hood will be lost.

Combat Stats
Skill requirements
Class Slot
None Head slot
Weapons Main Off
Damage - -
Accuracy - -
Style - -
Defence-icon Armour rating0
Constitution-icon Life bonus0
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus0
Style bonuses
Strength-icon0 Ranged-icon0 Magic-icon0
Wicked robes equipped
A player wearing a Wicked hood

Abilities Edit

The hood has a range of Runecrafting functions:

Function Description Special feature (unlocked if talisman is consumed)
Essence 100 un-noted Rune essence 100 un-noted Pure essence daily (Omni-talisman/tiara)
Rune 100 F2P runes from the inner circle of the Wicked hood 's interface or 5 P2P runes (except Soul) from the outer circle of the Wicked hood's interface. Click here for the most profitable choice. Twice per day (Elemental talisman)
Teleport 2 daily teleports to any (unlocked) Runecrafting altar.
Teleport (right-click) Unlimited teleports to Wizards' Tower, top floor, at portal to Runecrafting Guild or the Runespan

It is also possible to upgrade your Wicked Hood by purchasing certain items from Wizard Finix' runespan shop. The bonus will be permanent after you buy these items.

Wicked item Cost Extra daily gains:
Wicked cape Wicked cape 2,500 +25 essence withdraw, +1 rune withdraw
Wicked robe top Wicked robe top 15,000 +25 essence withdraw, +1 rune withdraw
Wicked legs Wicked legs 7,500 +25 essence withdraw, +1 rune withdraw

Full set


Special set effect: +1 daily teleport
Total set gains: +75 essence withdraw, +3 rune withdraw, +1 teleport
Total ability: 175 essence withdraw, 5 rune withdraw, 3 teleport

With the introduction of the new update to the Runespan, the Wicked Hood gained an ability to teleport right next to the portal outside the Runecrafting Guild. Right-clicking on the Wicked Hood will reveal "Teleport" and if you are within Gielinor, you will automatically teleport to the Runespan portal. However, if you are within the Runespan and right-click the teleport option, you will be asked to confirm if you want to leave the Runespan and convert the runes and essence in your inventory into Runespan points (this is to avoid accidentally teleporting out of the runespan).

If a player is Runecrafting with the hood, it is advisable to withdraw the essence at the altar. This allows the player to craft runes from 100 essence without banking once a day.

The wicked hood will not let you teleport to the Law Altar if you have banned equipment (armour and weapons not allowed on Entrana). If you attempt to teleport to the Law Altar with any banned equipment, the message, "The power of Saradomin prevents you taking armour or weaponry to Entrana" will appear in the chatbox; you will remain where you are, and you will not waste one of your two daily teleport charges by attempting to teleport to Entrana with banned equipment. Attempting to use the hood during Devious Minds while the pouch containing the orb is in your inventory will yield the same result. The wicked hood itself is allowed onto Entrana.

Having multiple wicked hoods will not allow a player to get more rune essence or teleports each day. Additionally, when one wicked hood is fed talismans or tiaras, all other wicked hoods a player owns will also be upgraded.

The hood can allow you to get 2331 Runecrafting experience a day (roughly 2368 with Master runecrafter robes minus the hat) if you teleport to the Blood altar twice with four full rune pouches, a full inventory of pure essence and an abyssal familiar with essence. Without an abyssal familiar and pouches you will get 1638 Runecrafting experience (roughly 1672 Runecrafting experience with Master runecrafter robes). After acquiring the wicked cape, wicked robe top and wicked bottom from the runespan your abilities are enhanced to gather more essence and have more teleports daily. Once you have bought and worn the wicked set parts, their individual upgrades will function on the hood, even if they are still in your bank or have been lost on death or otherwise.

How to upgrade Edit

Once a talisman is "consumed" by the hood, the hood may teleport to that altar, create that type of rune, and enter that altar. Players can upgrade with other talismans or their corresponding tiaras to expand its repertoire of rune types.

Using an omni-talisman or omni-tiara unlocks all the available rune types as well as upgrading the Essence option to getting Pure essences instead of Rune essences. Also, obtaining the omni-talisman from Wizard Elriss requires only having all 12 talismans and/or tiaras in the backpack inventory which are kept by the player; no talismans or tiaras are lost (and you may subsequently speak to Wizard Elriss to obtain another omni-talisman, as if you had lost it). This excludes soul runes (as a Soul altar does not exist yet) and the elemental talisman (as this talisman has different properties to begin with).

Using an Elemental talisman on the hood allows using the Rune option two times a day.

Other use Edit

Members can use the teleport to the Astral altar to easily switch to the Lunar/Standard Spellbooks. With the addition of the lodestones, this can be considered a waste of the hood's limited teleports, since the Home Teleport spell has unlimited uses and the Wicked Hood teleport is only slightly faster than the Home Teleport spell.

The hood can be even more beneficial in the Great Orb Project (requires level 50 Runecrafting) at the Runecrafting Guild. A more practical choice would be the Ourania Runecrafting Altar (one can easily get over 2k experience a day using this method and only going to the Ourania altar, more than at any other altar - though not as profitable). These two places give double experience per Pure essence crafted. It may also be useful to take this hood with you while making Combination runes and are using a Necklace of Binding, even better in conjuncture with the Lunar spell Magic Imbue (level 81 Magic).

With the introduction of Divination, the Nature Altar teleport on the Wicked Hood becomes the quickest way (other than hard-to-obtain Nature tabs) to access the level 50 (Gleaming energy) training spot.

Interface Edit

Wicked Hood Interface

Wicked hood interface.

The interface, accessed by clicking the hood, shows you the remaining actions you have for the day.

  • Essence can be retrieved by clicking the 'Essence' button.
  • To make a rune, click the 'Runes' button followed by the rune you would like to make.
Rune Altar Map

Locations of the various Runecrafting altars a player can teleport to with a fully functional Wicked hood

  • You can teleport to a rune altar by clicking 'Teleport' followed by the appropriate rune (you will be warned if attempting to teleport to an altar which you do not have the Runecrafting level to use).

Should you lose your hood, you can reclaim it from Tam McGrubor at any time, retaining any talismans you have added to the hood, but you may only have one hood at a time. The hood does not drop on death.

The wicked hood can be recoloured through runecrafting in the Runespan.

Daily routine Edit

The following sequence can be done daily for maximum free experience:

(The official world for the Ourania Runecrafting Altar is: 70.)
  1. Empty your inventory, withdraw runecrafting pouches, 1 law and 6 earth runes from your bank.
  2. Equip your best pickaxe, wear the Wicked hood, Ardougne cloak 2 (or higher), Master runecrafter robes, and good defensive armour in the other slots. (Or weight reducing armour if you plan on taking the long, but safe route in the Ourania Cave.)
  3. Operate the hood to teleport you to the Wizards' Tower.
  4. Ask Sedridor to teleport you to the Essence mine, and gather pure essence.
  5. Activate the hood to teleport you to the Astral altar.
  6. Craft astral runes and switch to the lunar spellbook at the altar.
  7. Return to the essence mine via the Wizards' Tower teleport, and gather pure essence.
  8. Cast Ourania Teleport from your lunar spellbook and run the gauntlet to the Ourania Runecrafting Altar. (Or take the safe route.)
  9. Withdraw all 175 essence from the hood and craft them into runes. (Takes 13 hood activations at 14 pure essence per withdraw.)
  10. Return to the Wizards' Tower via the hood's teleport option, and deposit all runes in the deposit box.
  11. Gather pure essence in the essence mine.
  12. Use the hood's second daily teleport charge to return to the Astral altar and switch back to the normal spellbook. Craft astral runes.
  13. Teleport back to the Wizards' tower, deposit runes, gather essence again.
  14. Use the third teleport charge on the best altar you have access to. Craft runes.

Profits Edit

Runecrafting Edit

The following table shows the profit that can be obtained from each altar, using just the essence carried in the hood.

Altar Runes per essence Hood Hood + 1 piece Hood + 2 pieces Hood + full set
Air rune
1 at 1 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 2,800 Coins 1000 3,500 Coins 1000 4,200 Coins 1000 4,900
2 at 11 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 5,600 Coins 1000 7,000 Coins 1000 8,400 Coins 1000 9,800
3 at 22 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 8,400 Coins 1000 10,500 Coins 1000 12,600 Coins 1000 14,700
4 at 33 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 11,200 Coins 1000 14,000 Coins 1000 16,800 Coins 1000 19,600
5 at 44 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 14,000 Coins 1000 17,500 Coins 1000 21,000 Coins 1000 24,500
6 at 55 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 16,800 Coins 1000 21,000 Coins 1000 25,200 Coins 1000 29,400
7 at 66 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 19,600 Coins 1000 24,500 Coins 1000 29,400 Coins 1000 34,300
8 at 77 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 22,400 Coins 1000 28,000 Coins 1000 33,600 Coins 1000 39,200
9 at 88 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 25,200 Coins 1000 31,500 Coins 1000 37,800 Coins 1000 44,100
10 at 99 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 28,000 Coins 1000 35,000 Coins 1000 42,000 Coins 1000 49,000
Mind rune
1 at 1 Runecrafting-icon Coins 250 900 Coins 1000 1,125 Coins 1000 1,350 Coins 1000 1,575
2 at 14 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 1,800 Coins 1000 2,250 Coins 1000 2,700 Coins 1000 3,150
3 at 28 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 2,700 Coins 1000 3,375 Coins 1000 4,050 Coins 1000 4,725
4 at 42 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 3,600 Coins 1000 4,500 Coins 1000 5,400 Coins 1000 6,300
5 at 56 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 4,500 Coins 1000 5,625 Coins 1000 6,750 Coins 1000 7,875
6 at 70 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 5,400 Coins 1000 6,750 Coins 1000 8,100 Coins 1000 9,450
7 at 84 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 6,300 Coins 1000 7,875 Coins 1000 9,450 Coins 1000 11,025
8 at 98 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 7,200 Coins 1000 9,000 Coins 1000 10,800 Coins 1000 12,600
Water rune
1 at 5 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 3,000 Coins 1000 3,750 Coins 1000 4,500 Coins 1000 5,250
2 at 19 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 6,000 Coins 1000 7,500 Coins 1000 9,000 Coins 1000 10,500
3 at 38 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 9,000 Coins 1000 11,250 Coins 1000 13,500 Coins 1000 15,750
4 at 57 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 12,000 Coins 1000 15,000 Coins 1000 18,000 Coins 1000 21,000
5 at 76 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 15,000 Coins 1000 18,750 Coins 1000 22,500 Coins 1000 26,250
6 at 95 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 18,000 Coins 1000 22,500 Coins 1000 27,000 Coins 1000 31,500
Earth rune
1 at 9 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 2,000 Coins 1000 2,500 Coins 1000 3,000 Coins 1000 3,500
2 at 26 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 4,000 Coins 1000 5,000 Coins 1000 6,000 Coins 1000 7,000
3 at 52 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 6,000 Coins 1000 7,500 Coins 1000 9,000 Coins 1000 10,500
4 at 78 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 8,000 Coins 1000 10,000 Coins 1000 12,000 Coins 1000 14,000
Fire rune
1 at 14 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 3,600 Coins 1000 4,500 Coins 1000 5,400 Coins 1000 6,300
2 at 35 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 7,200 Coins 1000 9,000 Coins 1000 10,800 Coins 1000 12,600
3 at 70 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 10,800 Coins 1000 13,500 Coins 1000 16,200 Coins 1000 18,900
Body rune
1 at 20 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 1,700 Coins 1000 2,125 Coins 1000 2,550 Coins 1000 2,975
2 at 46 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 3,400 Coins 1000 4,250 Coins 1000 5,100 Coins 1000 5,950
3 at 92 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 5,100 Coins 1000 6,375 Coins 1000 7,650 Coins 1000 8,925
Cosmic rune
1 at 27 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 29,000 Coins 1000 36,250 Coins 1000 43,500 Coins 1000 50,750
2 at 59 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 58,000 Coins 1000 72,500 Coins 1000 87,000 Coins 1000 101,500
Chaos rune
1 at 35 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 4,400 Coins 1000 5,500 Coins 1000 6,600 Coins 1000 7,700
2 at 74 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 8,800 Coins 1000 11,000 Coins 1000 13,200 Coins 1000 15,400
Astral rune
1 at 40 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 26,700 Coins 1000 33,375 Coins 1000 40,050 Coins 1000 46,725
2 at 82 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 53,400 Coins 1000 66,750 Coins 1000 80,100 Coins 1000 93,450
Nature rune
1 at 44 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 29,100 Coins 1000 36,375 Coins 1000 43,650 Coins 1000 50,925
2 at 91 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 58,200 Coins 1000 72,750 Coins 1000 87,300 Coins 1000 101,850
Law rune
1 at 54 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 41,500 Coins 1000 51,875 Coins 1000 62,250 Coins 1000 72,625
Death rune
1 at 65 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 18,900 Coins 1000 23,625 Coins 1000 28,350 Coins 1000 33,075
Blood rune
1 at 77 Runecrafting-icon Coins 1000 28,200 [1] Coins 1000 35,250 [1] Coins 1000 42,300 [1] Coins 1000 49,350 [1]
  1. ^ a b c d Can be further increased when the player has completed the Morytania Hard Tasks and wears the Morytania legs 2 or Morytania legs 3 or 4. Each essence has a 10% chance of gaining a 2nd blood rune at the Blood Altar.

If you receive an exact 10% increase in runes it would result in:

Altar Hood Hood + 1 piece Hood + 2 pieces Hood + full set
Blood rune
+ Morytania legs 2 or Morytania legs 3 or Morytania legs 4
Coins 1000 31,020 Coins 1000 38,775 Coins 1000 46,530 Coins 1000 54,285

Runes withdrawal Edit

The following table shows the profit gained by one or five withdrawals of runes from the hood. (The inner circle runes provide 100 runes and the other outer circle runes provide 5 runes.)

Rune Profit (1 withdrawal) Profit (5 withdrawals)
Air rune Air rune Coins 1000 2,800 Coins 1000 14,000
Mind rune Mind rune Coins 250 900 Coins 1000 4,500
Water rune Water rune Coins 1000 3,000 Coins 1000 15,000
Earth rune Earth rune Coins 1000 2,000 Coins 1000 10,000
Fire rune Fire rune Coins 1000 3,600 Coins 1000 18,000
Body rune Body rune Coins 1000 1,700 Coins 1000 8,500
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune Coins 1000 1,450 Coins 1000 7,250
Chaos rune Chaos rune Coins 100 220 Coins 1000 1,100
Astral rune Astral rune Coins 1000 1,335 Coins 1000 6,675
Nature rune Nature rune Coins 1000 1,455 Coins 1000 7,275
Law rune Law rune Coins 1000 2,075 Coins 1000 10,375
Death rune Death rune Coins 250 945 Coins 1000 4,725
Blood rune Blood rune Coins 1000 1,410 Coins 1000 7,050

Trivia Edit

  • Although the Runescape manual (already) shows the Soul Icon, it is not possible to obtain Soul runes from the hood or teleport to the Soul altar, since there isn't a Soul talisman or open altar yet.
  • The interface in the Game Guide shows the Soul Icon as being unlocked. This could mean that the altar will be revealed in an upcoming update, though this is still only speculation.
  • Wicked hood popup

    The pop-up when you reach level 5 runecrafting in free-to-play.

    The Runescape manual states that you may withdraw 25 un-noted rune or pure essence 4 times per day, but the hood actually fills all empty inventory spaces with un-noted essence when activated up to a maximum of 150 essence per day, allowing for greater versatility.
  • Before an update, Tam appeared in Varrock square.
  • Each Talisman added to the Wicked hood grants 80 Runecrafting experience, the Omni Talisman and Elemental Talisman grant more due to unlocking more than one talisman respectively.
  • Upon clicking on the Soul Icon, your Wicked hood will say "...UNDISCOVERED..."
  • When you try to add a talisman of a type you have already unlocked, your Wicked Hood will say "...REDUNDANT..."
  • Upon eating a talisman or tiara, the hood proclaims "...DELICIOUS..."
  • If you try to add anything that is not a talisman or tiara that has been charged with a talisman, your Wicked Hood will say "...IRRELEVANT..."
  • Levelling up Runecrafting after adding a talisman to the hood gives a glitch where the game states that the player has advanced 0 levels.
  • The hood you get from Wizard Finix used to be a slightly darker colour than the one from Tam. This has since been fixed.
  • The Wicked Hood does not currently stack when more than one is banked.
  • There is currently a glitch where if the player equips a different piece of head gear while wearing the wicked hood, its colour will be reset to the default red upon re-equipping it. Logging out does not fix this - the only way to get the colour back is to spend 2000 points in the Runespan. This also applies to the other wicked equipment, and has not been addressed yet.
  • Sometimes the hood will "morph" and contain two colours; containing the basic red and your new colour. This has yet to be fixed.
  • The charges will reset at server time but a player has to log out before he/she can see the reset.

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