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A white lily seed is a type of seed used in the Farming skill which requires level 52 Farming to plant in a flower patch. When fully grown, white lilies protect all neighbouring fruit and vegetables from disease. The seeds may be obtained from Wyson in the Falador Park by exchanging one mole skin after completion of the Hard Falador Tasks.

White lilies themselves cannot be protected from disease as gardeners will not watch over them as they grow. When picked, white lilies turn to ash with the message, "The flower turns to ash as you remove it from the ground."

Stage Description Image
1 The seed has only just been planted. Lilly1
2 Small blue flower buds begin to develop. Lilly2
3 The blue flower buds grow taller. Lilly3
4 The flower buds lose their blue colour, and grow larger in size. Lilly4
5 The lily plant is ready to turn to ash if you remove it. The flowers have opened showing white petals, blue inside the flower, and white outside. Lilly5


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