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West Fremennik Isles mining site

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West Fremennik Isles mining site
Frem Isles west copper
Release date Unknown edit
Location Neitiznot
Members Yes
Rocks 3 Copper rocks
Monsters Ice troll males, Ice troll females, Ice troll runts
Requirements The Fremennik Isles
Main music Unknown edit
West Frem Isles mine site map

The West Fremennik Isles mining site holds three copper rocks and many aggressive ice trolls. Two of the rocks can be mined in relative safety by trapping the ice troll males and runts behind the rocks that you are mining, however this tactic doesn't work with the ice troll females since they use a ranged attack. While this area is secluded and isolated from a civilised population, the Neitiznot bank is a short distance away.

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