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Not to be confused with Werewolf Skullball.
Werewolf Agility Course

The werewolf Agility course.

Location on World Map
Fenkenstrain's Castle
Canifis Werewolf Agility Course Haunted Woods
Werewolf agility location

The location of the Werewolf Agility Course

The Werewolf Agility Course requires level 60 Agility. Players can earn up to 540 agility experience points per lap on this course. With the right gear, players can keep running without spending money.

The course is located slightly southeast of Canifis in the swamps of Morytania. Gaining entrance requires completion of the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and the wearing of a Ring of Charos. Although the course is due east of Canifis, swamps block the direct route. Instead, it can be reached by going southeast of Mazchna the Slayer Master, who can be found northeast of the city. Leeches are in this area and are aggressive to players under level 105.

Though this course has higher minimum agility requirements than the Wilderness Agility Course, the experience is slightly worse. Players can also take significant damage from falling; however, failure is less likely with a higher level. Although up to 300 life points damage can be received when falling, frequent banking is not necessary compared to the Wilderness course due to the constant danger of player killers at the latter.

Preparing for the courseEdit

The course is best run by players with low weight. Wearing Weight-reducing equipment such as Wicked cape, Wicked robe top and Wicked legs, Spotted cape and Boots of lightness will reduce your weight. A Regen bracelet can also prove useful, as it speeds your life point regeneration rate. However, do not equip any headgear, as you may not use the deathslide.

Players with agility levels between 60 and 72 should also bring good food. Failing the deathslide results in a fall that can cause damage up into the 300s (although less damage is possible). Food thus allows you to stay at the course longer. Lightweight food, like baskets of strawberries, can be useful. Players above level 72 agility need little or no food, as they will only rarely fail the deathslide.

Having some super energy potions or other ways of maintaining run energy is recommended, as constant running allows you to do laps faster. With an Agility lvl of 65+ and with at least -5 kg weight, it is not necessary to bring them.

A free but slightly less effective energy restoring is through the white tree fruit after the completion of Garden of Tranquility.

Familiars are allowed, so bringing spirit terrorbird with tireless run scrolls can save inventory space and money.

A Stat restore potion can also be useful for players under combat level 105, as when leeches do damage they can also lower random skills by 1.


The entrance to the werewolf courses is a small, ruined hut in the swamp. (Werewolf Skullball is also located here.) A Werewolf guards the hut; just open the trapdoor and he will speak to you. If you are wearing the Ring of Charos, it deceives him into thinking you are a werewolf and he lets you in.

Remember to have one inventory spot free to pick up the stick the werewolf throws for you.

Map of the courseEdit

WerewolfAgilityCourse map

The Werewolf Agility Course

The courseEdit

To start the course, just go up to the pool of water and click the first stepping stone. There is no need to speak to the course's Agility Boss before starting. (You can speak to him if you want instructions on the course.)

Stepping stonesEdit

WAC boss and stones

Agility Boss and the stepping stones

When you click the first stepping stone, you start the course and the werewolf Agility Boss throws a stick. You will want to get the stick from where it lands, carry it with you for the rest of the course, and give it to the werewolf Agility Trainer at the end of the course for an agility experience reward.

To cross the stepping stones, jump from one to the next one by clicking on them.

You can click on the next one while jumping from the previous one, to speed up the jumping.


WAC hurdles

The hurdles

Cross the hurdles by clicking on each fence in succession. It is much easier to click on the skull connector sections fence bars.


WAC pipes

The pipes

After the hurdles, crawl through any of the three pipes to get to the next chamber.

Fetch the stick!Edit

WAC stick

Fetch the stick

Once through the pipes, the stick the Agility Boss threw will be on the ground in this room. Click it to put it in your inventory (requires an empty slot). If you forget the stick, you won't get the bonus at the end of the course, and once you go up the skull slope, you can't go back for it!

Though the agility trainer will throw another stick if you pass it the first time, you can only have one stick at a time. If you try to pick up the second stick, it will tell you that it is another player's.

The stick (before being fetched) is subject to the time constraints of an item left on the ground. After an amount of time it will disappear, and you will be unable to pick it up for that lap!

Skull slopeEdit

Climb the skull slope by clicking on the skulls.

The DeathslideEdit

This is the only obstacle on the course where players can fail. It is quite dangerous, as a fall can cause over 300 life points, so players with low life points are at risk of death.

The deathslide contains an extremely irritating and slightly frightening glitch that occasionally occurs. If you fail this obstacle you may see your character falling into a black void. You will appear in the middle of a completely black screen, and you cannot use teleportation to leave this void. Instead, you must log out and log back in (sometimes multiple times is required). If you're still unable to escape "the void", try switching worlds.

The endEdit

Once you finish with the deathslide, click on the agility boss at the end of the course to give him the stick you fetched.

You gain 350 agility experience for a successful lap, plus another 190 experience if you return the stick, for a total of 540 experience per lap.

Obstacle XP Gain
Stepping stones 50
Hurdles 60
Pipe 15
Skull slope 25
Deathslide 200*
Agility bonus for stick 190
Total Gain 540

*Note* The Deathslide gives a variable amount of experience. The earlier you fall (if you fall) you will only receive 180, 160 or 140 experience per deathslide, and the farther you go before you fall the larger the amount of experience gained. Players should note that you always gain some experience from the Death Slide.


  • At about level 72 Agility, players rarely fail the deathslide
  • At about level 93 Agility, players even more rarely fail the deathslide
  • Using the Spa pools at Oo'glog can help with this course, giving unlimited run energy for 10–20 minutes, a prayer boost (good for using healing and strength prayers), and a life point boost (good for withstanding falls from the deathslide). The quest As a First Resort... must be completed to use the spa.
  • Even if the deathslide is failed, the stick can still be returned to the Agility Trainer at the end of the course.
  • Upon logout, the player may be placed back at the entrance (through the trapdoor, not outside) and the stick will disappear from the inventory if the stick was obtained, reducing experience gain.
  • Don't forget to give the stick to the trainer at the end of the course. If the stick is not given, the Agility Boss will not throw another one when starting the next lap.
  • The Agility Boss would advise "not carrying too much weight" on the Deathslide - weight may affect the chance of success.
  • The stick can be seen easier when in standard detail.
  • If you are unable to find the stick, check on the minimap to see a red dot: where the stick is.


  • If you forget to pick up the stick, an agility trainer may taunt you about it when you climb the skull slope.
  • If the Werewolf Agility course is your daily challenge, and you forget to pick up the stick it will not count towards completion of the challenge.
  • If you forget to hand over the stick you will not manage to fetch another until you give the first one back.
  • The stick is subject to the same limits as all items for time spent on the ground - if you pause in the middle of a lap for some reason, the stick can disappear, and this gives the same effect as not picking it up.
  • The Death Slide is the only thing in the game that can do damage past the player's life points.
  • The Agility Boss' outfit may be modeled after the yellow jumpsuit made famous by Bruce Lee and the movie Kill Bill.


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