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Lev, a werewolf in human form.

Werewolves in their human form can be found in Canifis. To keep them in their human form, Wolfbane (obtained from Priest in Peril) should be used. Werewolves in this form have different drops than in their normal form, and are also much weaker. Many of these people are named, and all will turn into werewolves once attacked. Most will refuse to talk to the player, but shopkeepers will still converse.

It is not recommended to fight the human form since they drop no common good drops, whereas the werewolf itself has decent drops.

Notable NPCsEdit



  • The human werewolves used to simply be called 'man' and 'woman'. Their examine text was "A Citizen of Canfis."
  • Most of them have Slavic names.

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