This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw web snipper.
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Web snipper detail

The web snipper is a Tier 6 fish used in Dungeoneering. It can be obtained from monster drops or caught at web snipper fishing spots within Daemonheim by using a fly fishing rod and feathers bought from the Smuggler. Level 50 Fishing is required to fish it, and rewards 99 Fishing experience for catching it. Level 50 Cooking is required to cook it, which rewards 124 Cooking experience. It is the first fish from Dungeoneering that is NOT available to free players. It heals up to 1250 life points depending on your Constitution level.

The minimum Constitution level to receive the full amount of healing from this food is 50.

Enter your Constitution level name=skillstat_Constitution_level|type=int|value=1|range=9,99|size=4|sublist=calchealing

let(base,50) let(hp,skillstat_Constitution_level) if(hp < base){




} let(healing,"This will heal " + heal + " life points at level "+hp+".")

Two cooked web snippers are also the secondary ingredient for making Brah skinweaver summoning pouches.

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