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Weak artisan's potion detail

The Weak artisan's Potion is a one dose potion only available in the Dungeoneering skill. Using the potion boosts Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Construction and Firemaking by 3 + 2% of levels. This effect does not stack. The boost is just 3 for skills under level 50, and from 50 upwards the boost is 4.

It is made by adding Valerian and Red moss to a Vial of water. This requires level 27 Herblore and gives 68.5 experience. This potion can only be made in dungeons with complexity level ≥5.


Weak artisan's potion Weak artisan's potion
Herblore-icon-Make-X GE icon
68.5 XP--
Herblore-icon Herblore level27
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Vial of water (Dungeoneering)Vial of water (Dungeoneering)1N/A-
Clean valerianClean valerian1N/A-
Red mossRed moss1N/A-

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