Fire wave

A player casting Fire Wave

Wave spells are the second strongest elemental group of magic combat spells in the standard spellbook. Elemental staves can be used to cover the costs of these spells.

Spell Requirement Runes Base damage Cost
Air Wave icon Air Wave Magic 62 4Air rune 595 - 768 136 coins
Water Wave icon Water Wave Magic 65 4Water rune4Air rune 624 - 806 236 coins
Earth Wave icon Earth Wave Magic 70 4Earth rune4Air rune 672 - 854 216 coins
Fire Wave icon Fire Wave Magic 75 4Fire rune4Air rune 720 - 854 444 coins


  • These were the strongest elemental spells before Surge spells were added to the spellbook in the 17 November 2009 update.
  • On 24 June 2010, all of the elemental spells received a graphical make-over.

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