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Watermelon slice detail

A Watermelon slice is a members-only food item that can be obtained by using a knife on a watermelon. This will cut the watermelon into three slices (an unsliced watermelon cannot be eaten). The amount a watermelon slice heals is affected by your maximum life points in the same way as Saradomin brew or a Unicorn stallion's scrolls. In watermelon slices' case, each slice heals 5% of the player's maximum life points.

Since watermelon slices heal very little, they are not generally recommended as food; however, players who can carry around whole watermelons can use the tool belt knife to cut the watermelons when needed may find the slices useful. Players who are using a fruit bat familiar will often find that their follower has generated watermelons as well as other fruit that can be sliced with a knife. This can be quite useful for agility training. Consider a hypothetical situation in which you have 80 constitution and are going to the barbarian outpost agility course; you would then pack 25 watermelons for a total weight of 3 kg, which can heal a total of 12,750 life points assuming no constitution boost, bonfire, or armour is used. This means that 3 kg of space can absorb 12,750 life points worth of damage before you have to bank again.

Contrary to popular belief, no watermelon seeds can be obtained by eating watermelon.


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Dropping monstersEdit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Tenacious toucan701Very rare

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