This article is about the regular watering can. For the watering can obtained from Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift, see Magic watering can.
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Watering can detail

A watering can is an item that is used in the Farming skill to water vegetables and flowers as well as potted tree seeds, but not other farming patches.

Watering a patch will decrease its possibility of disease for one growing stage. If players have fully-grown flowers protecting the surrounding vegetables, they do not need to water those vegetables. This is a better alternative than spending money and using inventory space for plant cure.

It can hold up to 8 doses of water. After players use them up, they will need to refill it at any water source, such as sinks, waterpumps, and even from wells after an update.

Players can also transfer water from one watering can to another by using one on the other. If a watering can has 3 doses and it is used on one that has 4 doses, the player will end up with an empty watering can and a watering can with 7 doses. A bucket of water can also be used to fully fill a watering can.

Players can buy a watering can from farming shops. Farming shops are stocked with 30 watering cans at any given time, unless stock has been bought. They are sold for 8 coins each. They can also be bought from farmers for 25 coins each. Full watering cans are also rare drops from a farmer. Watering cans cannot be withdrawn from banks in notes. It can though if it is full. Watering cans with the same number of doses do stack in the bank. Watering cans with any number of doses are not tradeable, but empty watering cans are tradeable. Watering cans with any amount of water cannot be sold back to stores, and they cannot be emptied.

Watering a patch has no overall impact on volume of yield, it only serves to protect a patch from disease for one stage of growth. While it is not necessary for farming patches to create produce, watering potted tree seeds is required in order for the seed to sprout into a seedling.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Alice's Farming Shop8Coins 5Coins 30Yes
Coeden's Seed Store8Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Farming shops8Coins 5Coins ? (edit)
Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop8Coins 5Coins 30No
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies8Coins 5Coins 10Yes
New Varrock General Store8Zemomark10Yes
Papa Mambo's Shop1Coins 1Coins 10Yes
Richard's Farming Shop8Coins 5Coins 30Yes
Sarah's Farming Shop8Coins 5Coins 30Yes
Vanessa's Farming Shop8Coins 5Coins 30Yes


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