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Water Blast

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Classic Runestone
Water Blast
Water Blast icon
Members? No
Level Magic-icon 47
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat

Water weakness icon Water

Damage 451
Runes 3Water rune3Air rune
Water blast
Click animation for full size

Water Blast is the strongest free-to-play magic water spell and the third strongest water spell for members in the standard spellbook. This spell requires three water runes and three air runes to cast. The base damage of this spell is 451, and it scales up to 614 at 64 Magic.


Spell cost
3Air rune3Water rune135
Combo runes
3Water rune3Dust rune1,134
3Air rune3Mud rune1,596
3Water rune3Smoke rune1,647
3Air rune3Steam rune1,605
3Mist rune1,995
3Air runeStaff of water75
3Water runeStaff of air60
3Air runeMud battlestaff75
3Air runeSteam battlestaff75
Avernic wandTome of frost0

The cost to cast water blast can be reduced to zero by wielding the avernic wand and a tome of frost.


Water Blast Close

A close-up of the old Water Blast in flight.

  • On 24 June 2010, all of the elemental spells received a graphical make-over.
  • Before the Evolution of Combat update, Water Blast required 1 Death, 3 Air and 3 Water runes.

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