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This article is about the item used to navigate Treasure Trails. For the item used as a timer for events, see timepiece.
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Watch detail

A watch is an essential item for solving co-ordinate clues whilst on Treasure Trails. A watch can be obtained by first talking to the Observatory Professor (who may be at the Observatory or the nearby Observatory reception building to the north-east, depending upon whether the player has completed the Observatory Quest). Then, with a co-ordinate clue or a mysterious clue scroll (obtained during A Void Dance) in their inventory, the player can obtain a watch from Brother Kojo at the Clock Tower south of Ardougne.

To use a sextant for co-ordinate clues, the player must also have in their inventory or tool belt a chart, a watch, and the co-ordinate clue scroll. If any of the items are missing, the player will not be able to dig up the casket at the proper location.

After first obtaining a watch from Brother Kojo, the player may thereafter make watches with at level 28 Crafting or higher. A watch can be made by having one steel bar and one clockwork in the inventory and clicking on a crafting table 4 at the Workshop of a player's house. Making a watch will give 15 Crafting experience.

Replacement watches can also be obtained free from Brother Kojo. Multiple Watches can be obtained by using the drop trick.

Disassembly Edit

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  • Even though the watch appears to be made out of a light brown metal such as brass, a steel bar and clockwork are the only items used to make it.

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